Moab Motorcycle Dispatch Day 6

Anthony Bourdain once said, go somewhere you’ve never been to, listen to people you may have nothing in common with, and once in a while, check in on your friends and family. This is my way of checking in with you friends and family.

We came, we saw, we rode Moab and today two of us did the following while the others continued to ride Moab. Along the way on our next to the last day in Moab, Bruce and I experienced some things that only a select few ever get to experience. And that is only because Mr Bruce is a stop and smell the roses kind of guy. I could never do this if it were only me.

Like for example: Our first stop was the 3 Step Hideaway run by Scott and Julie. Located upon an old homestead established in the 1890’s it’s an off grid motorcycle dual sport riding place.

There’s everything you need here as a base camp during all months of the year except for maybe June and July or August. It’s higher up in elevation than Moab by about 2400’. It was cold today but, judging by the scenery around it could be a scorcher. Visit their webpage at

I toured their organic greenhouse gardens and then walked around and looked at the facilities and teepee. Bruce talked and then he told stories and then he took pictures.

Scott has a shop with a lift and any spare motorcycle parts or tires that can be ordered and brought in by FEDEX. Telluride Colorado is 70 miles from here as the crow flies. The Rim rocker trail from Moab is also nearby. The Trans American Trail passes near here and so does the Utah BDR.

There’s no one that’s a bigger bullshitter than my friend Bruce. While Bruce is talking everyone up I’m making my rounds and taking pictures.

Newspaper rock was our next stop. We stopped to photograph the purple flowers, nearly got chased by a bull.

For thousands of years the local inhabitants carved images onto sandstone rocks that today would make great t-shirts. And speaking of t-shirts. The tour guide gal Bren was wearing a similar Tyedye shirt as Bruce.

She said I made mine and was darned proud of it. I said Tyedye Keith made ours and he would be happy to talk trade secrets with you. Bren is from Nebraska and could qualify as a mail order bride. She is now married to a Mormon who owns this rock. The rock is a 5,000 square foot house tourist attraction built by his relatives a while back. It’s now a place worth stopping and getting a tour.

Bruce and I ended our retired work day with a Kambucha. If you don’t know what it is then I’m now sending you some kombucha vibes.

You can learn how to brew this stuff at home by reading about it or watching YouTube.


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