Baja Ride dispatch #2

There’s an area on the East Cape of Cabo known as Cabo Pulmo, and it’s an underwater park, approximately two hours away from San Jose del Cabo. Today I was feeling myself more land than underwater adventure so, my personal concierge Patti books me with Baja Ride Adventures for a six hour off road ride […]

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Moab Motorcycle Dispatch Day 6

Anthony Bourdain once said, go somewhere you’ve never been to, listen to people you may have nothing in common with, and once in a while, check in on your friends and family. This is my way of checking in with you friends and family. We came, we saw, we rode Moab and today two of […]

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Moab Motorcycle Dispatch Day 4

And just like that someone yelled out around 0900-1000 this morning, let’s suit up boys; while three other major events are now happening nearby. Welcome to the Mckinney bootcamp condo of trail riders. This morning after day four it feels like my body has been subjected to a dirt bike bootcamp; four days in; I’m […]

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