One more perfect moment

This morning while driving my jeep in the Southern California rain, on a country road, I hear a song that kept repeating the words, we are all halfway to somewhere, halfway to healing, and even halfway to home. I don’t recall the songs title but, it reminded me that we are all also halfway to […]

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The Road to Oaxaca, Mexico D+11

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”—ROBERT FROST A motorcycle’s life begins the moment it starts to gets ridden. Soon (D+11) though, eleven days from today, I start our journey from home towards Phoenix, Arizona to subsequently join (Joey, Chris, Tracy, Todd, Brian) for the start of a Joey, aka Jazz ride that leads […]

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Message In A Bottle

December 24, 2021: This is a short story but, I assure you, if you like boats, it may turn out to be more interesting than you think, I promise. So, earlier this morning I’m on my iPhone, flipping through Craigslist boat ads; like most people addicted to that thing they call boating. Just to play […]

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S/V Spider Monkey Part I

“This boat that we just built is fine! And don’t try to tell us it’s not. The sides and the back are divine – It’s the bottom I guess we forgot.” ― Shel Silverstein. I can easily now either cast blame or thank someone. It’s all depending on if I’m seeing my cup as half […]

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No Coconut Bras

If you want your daily rations of sights to see, sounds that are new to you to hear, island smells, the good feelings of locally consumed adult beverages and excellent cuisine tastes to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy then, don’t come to Hawaii or here – Lahaina, Maui. Go visit Key West or […]

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