Hanks Cobra/Ralph’s Corvette

Hank Williams became an early Shelby customer when he forked over $6380.00, for a 1965 Cobra, powered by a 289 cubic inch, Ford V-8; a car he still owns today. His story brought back memories of my ’65, only back then I hated Fords with a passion, so I bought a Chevrolet Corvette. Hank was […]

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Camino and the Great Depression

While I was walking the Camino de Santiago, at times, I thought of not just about Spanish history but, of my American history. I kept trying to make sense of it like for example, during the time of the U.S. Great Depression. As I continued walking, in my own mind, I wondered, were pilgrims still […]

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San Diego and Little Italy Ride

They say that all great journeys begin with a single step. And, if you ride a motorcycle then, your journey begins the moment you straddle that bike. Being on a motorcycle is about being enveloped by your surroundings, totally in the experience of the environment you’re traveling through. Today, we start off with ten riders but, […]

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“Solyent Green and Cannery Row”

Farmed vs wild salmon tonight? Before too long, the topic led us to finding a good, sci-fi movie worth watching. I started the movie while nearby, the spouse heated the oven and assembled frozen halibut filets and egg rolls on an aluminum lined pan. Richard Fleischer’s “Soylent Green” tells the story of New York, in […]

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Row, row, row, a dinghy

To teach a kid to row, a typical dinghy type boat, you start first start on land. You face the kid, holding out both hands in front (standing about a foot apart); you extend your arms, while the child keeps her body straight, and leans backward. You then pull the kid back towards you. Repeat. […]

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An Outdoor Gym – Part I

Our Taco Challenge of 2020; lockdowns on account of covid 19; and binge watching of YouTube and Netflix, have all taken a toll on my body; the additional ten to fifteen pounds are now firmly resting, around the belly. Long distance walking is my normal plan for dealing with extra weight but, I love this […]

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Words of Life

1/13/2012 – Today at a local Ojai, California, coffee shop an eighty-one (81) year old; who upon introducing himself, cleverly reminds us of his tenured age. We respond in kind and following my second sip of a steaming hot latte he then, hands me two typewritten pieces of paper. I don’t know if I kept […]

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The Cubano Lechon in 2021

Before the Trump administration succeeded in destroying Obamas policy of more open relations with Cuba, about 20,000 Americans visited legally in 2007, followed by about 1.5 million more a decade later. “We will enforce the ban on tourism. We will enforce the embargo.” – Trump. Yet in September 2016, when Trump was the Republican presidential […]

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