Dispatch from Chiapas Day 11

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” —Muhammad Ali The roads we were on yesterday getting to our eco resort was one of the most scenic or boring roads at the same time this side of the Guatemala border. Picture a two lane highway winding through the jungle with […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 9/10

Good morning. Yesterday the entire day was noteworthy. The only problem was no cell or wifi for the past two days. We’ve been in the jungle bordering the Guatemala border. Today was supposed to be our shortest ride day ever; the entire ride team was motivated to just “get there”, wind down and relax but, […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 8

“Roads are made for journeys, not destinations.” —Confucius Today team Bravo greeted our team as we arrived at the most picturesque eco resort ever this side of Guatemala. This is tonight’s lodging. We’re so close to Guatemala that my Verizon iPhone service is trying to get me to tap into the Guatemala $10/day plan service. […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 7

“The truth is always in the middle!” Never a dull moment when riding in Mexico. This morning at 0630 Bryan and I are in the parking lot, greeting the morning and doing our best from getting bitten by all the flying mosquitoes. The riders are all loading and packing up for the days ride ahead. […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 5

Today is our first down day since we arrived in Santa Fe, Mexico City by motorcycle. We are now at an elevation of 8500’ and staying in a high end AC Hotel by Marriott, a five star hotel with a crappy restaurant. The hotel beds, linen, heated pool and other amenities make this an excellent […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 2

Welcome to Mazatlan and our second day of riding. We’re now in the land of coconut trees, beautiful beaches and warm sunny weather. We are safe, our bellies are finally full and our seat butts are now firming back up after a four hundred mile ride day. Our daytime temperature is a comfortable 82 degrees […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 4

“Memories are the best investments “. Our A team leader (Joey) suddenly pulls over to the side of the road; after leading Todd and I earlier through the most awesomeness of twisties this side of the Rio Grande. Prior to us now stopping we were riding like we stole em and just twenty five miles […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 6

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best, if he wins, knows the thrills of high achievement, and, if he fails, at least […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 3

We are now one guy short on the “A team” as the Mexican spirits chose to once again intervene. Permit me to summarize. If you’re following the story you might recall yesterday’s dispatch as saying that my friend Dale helped a “not so fair” maiden in distress. Something similar to keeping a stray animal from […]

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Costa Rica Motorcycle Roads

Yesterday I dreamt that I found myself lying in one of the softest twin beds all around, in a hotel in the country of Costa Rica, near nice calm pacific waters. Howling monkeys were nearby and I even saw large colorful birds flying. The hotel probably rated as a five star. That was all true; […]

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Costa Rica Motorcycle Ride Day 5

In Costa Rica or at least in Dos Rios Guanacaste howler monkeys instead of roosters are your wake up call. If your builder screws up without doing a proper ecological survey you may suddenly end up at the corner of Dos Rios and monkey highway. A monkey highway may be your wake up call from […]

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Costa Rica Motorcycle Ride Day 0-1

“My nature just changes.” Jimi Hendrix Hey, we’re now in the season of giving thanks. And today I give thanks to my family, to friends, to health. This year, I am grateful, above all, to the brave people of Ukraine for all their sacrifices and successes in their battle for freedom. I’m even thankful for […]

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MotoVermont Day 8

The tight, sweeping mountain roads in Vermont really do make this place a motorcyclist’s ride dream. There’s endless miles and miles of rolling mountainous, green and lush countryside that is full of trees, as you ride by creeks, lakes and rivers, with the occasional roadside wild turkeys, moose crossing signs and unfortunately for me, a […]

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Copper Canyon Day 2: Part 2

Up ahead on the Sonora 3 highway I suddenly see up ahead on the road two guys and no car or truck anywhere around, slowing down quickly from nearly 100 mph I see one frantically waving at me to stop. A quick look over and I now see a rifle and a handheld radio in […]

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Copper Canyon Day 0/1

This afternoon all fourteen riders began dribbling in at the Estancia Inn in Tecate, after individually crossing the border and taking care of the necessary land visa and temporary motorcycle import permits. Jens from Colorado, on his GSA1200 was the first rider I met at the hotel. Before long we’re swapping stories. This is his […]

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MotoVermont Ride Final Day 9/24/22

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” —Muhammad Ali Today is the last day of our 9 day MotoVermont ride. Ben and Jerry’s was certainly not part of our planned itinerary but, the “must visit pickings” after riding through five states are now few. No trip to Vermont would […]

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MotoVermont Day 7

Today after riding over an eight hour day through Vermont and New Hampshire roads I’m now spent. My culminating or saturation point of riding is reached, much as it was for Gump when he declared; I had run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. For those of you still interested in […]

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MotoVermont Day 6

“The thing about passion is, you don’t summon it, either you have it or you don’t” – Anonymous By today, (day 6) we wake up naturally, no alarm clock needed, our bodies, mind and soul has now fully adapted to the task at hand, we are a well oiled riding machine adapted to the ride […]

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MotoMaine Day 5

We stay at our current lodging (Bethel Village Inn) for the next two days; and earlier we rode through three states, east coast states are smaller. After arriving, John and I walked to the town’s memorial center, every town seems to have one. “Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever […]

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If you are over 50 years old then maybe you may remember that when you were a kid there were millions and millions of bright, beautiful and colorful stars up in the night sky. You could look up and see them. Well let me remind you that those same stars are probably still there! Only […]

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