Cabo OCTOBER 2021

Despite a seemingly apocalyptic list of dangers about Mexico; that we’re often reminded of back in the USA, my wife Patti actually feels pretty safe in Cabo. The great thing she says is that it’s only a two hour flight from Los Angeles. But, what she doesn’t add is that it may take you something […]

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The Retirement Life Thus Far

‘Why don’t you write a book she now says to me? Not till version 4.0 of the Writer’s Shed is finished, I answer. Or better yet, not till I’m older, says the old guy staring back in the mirror. My stories do seem to come up like trees lately, sprouting roots all over. No, I […]

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36 Hours in Big Sur, California

No matter where you live, Highway 1 through the Big Sur region in Central Coastal California, should be on your bucket list. This is a ride of a lifetime on any kind of transportation be it bicycles or motorcycles and mere words cannot do this place justice, plus October is the best month of the […]

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The LONG Ride Home

“The motorcycle is like a marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it wrote the Author John Steinbeck”. All most people with transportation toys, like cars, motorcycles, horses and bicycles lack is a destination. It’s not just enough to ride; we need goals, a mecca, if you will. This story […]

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Day 6 Olympic peninsula ride

In Sequim Washington for the night where the outside weather is a toasty 50 degrees now, with a mix of freezing rain. Yesterday the hotel front desk clerk must’ve really liked us stinking bikers, because she offered us up her best rooms, on the second floor. She also mentioned that too many dog people have […]

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