Bike Bros Motorcycle Dairies

“Are you traveling to work on that motorcycle a complete stranger, now asks me, while I began fueling up. Away from the gas pump island pergolas, a steady icy cold drizzling rain, is now slowly falling.” NO, I reply. “Then why are you traveling?” – Just for traveling sakes, I say. Today is Friday, February […]

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Road Warriors/Baja Whales

2/10/2017 Earlier, I dubbed us, the Baja Road Warriors after the 4RUNNERs trip odometer passed the 1,000 mile mark. This road trip began in Ensenada with our final destination of LaPaz. Sights encountered on this road trip include, the hot springs in Ensenada, the cave drawings, just off the road, petting of grey whales in […]

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Sunrise Highway/Sunday Ride

Super Bowl Sunday 2021, eight Bike Bros motorcycles riders met up to ride Sunrise Highway. Sunshine Highway is a road that runs through the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego from I-8 at Laguna Summit (Exit 47) to State road 79 near Cuyamaca Lake. Since the road rises up to around 6000′, it is very […]

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Hanks Cobra/Ralph’s Corvette

Hank Williams became an early Shelby customer when he forked over $6380.00, for a 1965 Cobra, powered by a 289 cubic inch, Ford V-8; a car he still owns today. His story brought back memories of my ’65, only back then I hated Fords with a passion, so I bought a Chevrolet Corvette. Hank was […]

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The Story Teller/Explore

“And In the end, we’ll all become stories.” – Margaret Atwood If you own a decade or more of digitized photography memories then maybe it’s time to review the last decade. And while reviewing those digitized memories Pause once in a while to stop and experience deep down, the brevity of your own life. Moments […]

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Age appropriate/Adult Toys

“Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing” – The Penguins of Madagascar The road stretched on forever, or so I thought, at least it did in my mind, as I continued riding East on Highway 40 through the desserts broken lands of California. This road never ends. Then it occurred to […]

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