Dispatch from Chiapas Day 11

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” —Muhammad Ali The roads we were on yesterday getting to our eco resort was one of the most scenic or boring roads at the same time this side of the Guatemala border. Picture a two lane highway winding through the jungle with […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 7

“The truth is always in the middle!” Never a dull moment when riding in Mexico. This morning at 0630 Bryan and I are in the parking lot, greeting the morning and doing our best from getting bitten by all the flying mosquitoes. The riders are all loading and packing up for the days ride ahead. […]

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Dispatch from Chiapas Day 5

Today is our first down day since we arrived in Santa Fe, Mexico City by motorcycle. We are now at an elevation of 8500’ and staying in a high end AC Hotel by Marriott, a five star hotel with a crappy restaurant. The hotel beds, linen, heated pool and other amenities make this an excellent […]

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