My Garden Dispatch #3

It’s amazing what one can learn from a picture taken from a smartphone. One of the first things I did this morning was to walk outside to see how our garden held up after a week away from home. I snapped a few photos to take inside, to enjoy with a morning cup of coffee […]

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Baja Ride dispatch #2

There’s an area on the East Cape of Cabo known as Cabo Pulmo, and it’s an underwater park, approximately two hours away from San Jose del Cabo. Today I was feeling myself more land than underwater adventure so, my personal concierge Patti books me with Baja Ride Adventures for a six hour off road ride […]

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Moab Motorcycle Dispatch Day 6

Anthony Bourdain once said, go somewhere you’ve never been to, listen to people you may have nothing in common with, and once in a while, check in on your friends and family. This is my way of checking in with you friends and family. We came, we saw, we rode Moab and today two of […]

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