Bisbee, Az, Gringo Caravan, Motorcycle Ride, Bacanora, and Banamichi, Sonora

This morning I come across a word definition for “caravan”.  Quite simply, “a company of travelers wandering through a dangerous or hostile region”.  Yeah, I say to myself, that about fits our small wandering group right now.  For those concerned about my safety in Mexico while traveling on my Honda Africa Twin motorcycle I sincerely thank […]

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The Free Spirit Phenomena

On a Jeep trip to the Yukon, in 2011, I suddenly discover the “free spirit” phenomena; it’s not a myth, it actually does exist, and her name was Carol. We are a group of maybe ten jeep adventurers now walking towards the admission area to partake in a glacier tour, on massive tundra wheeled behemoths. […]

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Secrets of Life/Watts Towers

Do you remember as a child; complete strangers coming up to you and asking, “so, what do you want to do when you grow up”? People create. It’s who we are. Have a focus. An idea. A dream. Nature makes you think. Spend time in nature. Sit, look and listen. Do you think anyone ever […]

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Whole Cooked Pig Miami Style

Food plays a pretty large central theme in any visit to South Miami. After an all night flight to Miami i got as far as the baggage claim sign before encountering the first Cuban food kiosk. My niece Jennie picks me up and our first stop shortly thereafter is a Cuban bakery for pastelitos made […]

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