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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!

Hike, hiking and more hiking

Today I woke up to Santa Ana winds blowing around the Inland Empire and our neighborhood at near 30 mph. Still, the dog got walked and before long I yearned for a hike with some elevation gain. Almost forgot. Patti … Continue reading

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Holiday Season 2019, Thankful Things

There are so many things for me to be thankful for in 2019, that separating the material from the non materialistic things is proving a little challenging. Such a great outcome of this little story that I plan on adding … Continue reading

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Route 66, Roy’s Cafe Lighting, Fly-In and Vintage Military Vehicles

A big shout out and a military salute to Albert Okura, founder and CEO of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain. Albert is our clubs benefactor and long time friend. By club I am referring to the Inland Empire Military Vehicle’s … Continue reading

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Cabo at Work and Mi Casa

The waiter like most in classy restaurants introduces himself to Patti and I; by welcoming us and asking if this is our first visit to Cabo and the restaurant. Why no of course; and don’t you remember me, I respond- … Continue reading

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SDJC Death Valley Jeep Trip

My wife Patti and nephew cancelled out on this 2019 three day Death Valley jeep trip with the San Diego Jeep Club (SDJC) also known as the Rick Henton Memorial Day Run. So here cheerfully submitted is my trip write … Continue reading

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Maintenance Physical and More

This morning on my drive to obtain a physical I roll over on the road a recent road kill – a raccoon. The poor critter was probably in the prime of life- like me now; when he made just one … Continue reading

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Jeep Camping Pismo Jeepfest

She’s come a long way I silently think to myself. Now when pulling a big hill on our new 2019 Jeep JL or dropping down to the other side of yet another mountain range the progressively louder breathing noises emitting … Continue reading

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A Retirement Story

Most retirees enjoy a good hobby or two. Some become so passionate in their hobbies that it consumes their every waking and possibly even napping moments. I’m not one of them and neither is my new friend Hugo. We both … Continue reading

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