Cabo at Work and Mi Casa

The waiter like most in classy restaurants introduces himself to Patti and I; by welcoming us and asking if this is our first visit to Cabo and the restaurant. Why no of course; and don’t you remember me, I respond- I remember you? Without so much as missing a beat he begins by adding that […]

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SDJC Death Valley Jeep Trip

My wife Patti and nephew cancelled out on this 2019 three day Death Valley jeep trip with the San Diego Jeep Club (SDJC) also known as the Rick Henton Memorial Day Run. So here cheerfully submitted is my trip write up to all. Before and after General Store. Maybe one day it will become a […]

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Maintenance Physical and More

This morning on my drive to obtain a physical I roll over on the road a recent road kill – a raccoon. The poor critter was probably in the prime of life- like me now; when he made just one fatal choice to cross a country road during rush hour. This raccoon road kill brought […]

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A Retirement Story

Most retirees enjoy a good hobby or two. Some become so passionate in their hobbies that it consumes their every waking and possibly even napping moments. I’m not one of them and neither is my new friend Hugo. We both share a love of military vehicles and that is why we joined a club in […]

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The Photographer

My generation will likely not grow old thinking, I wish I would’ve taken more pictures in my younger days? Why? Possibly because our brains weren’t wired the way they seem to be now. In today’s world we look-for any excuse to use this highly sophisticated device that we always carry that is still referred to […]

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The Hanging Tree 4×4 Ride

Russ from got me out on the trail testing my Version 2.0 of my Willys V8 project. Prior to this meeting the last time I saw Russ was in 2011 while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail through the Big Bear area. And the last time we did any Jeep related expedition was also in […]

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