Olympic peninsula ride day 1

Southern California to Menlo Park, CADay 1: Wednesday, September 7, 2021509 miles “Life is not always linear, and on reflection, it is often in fact, the zig-zags that occur, that are the most interesting to me.” Trawlercat At o dark thirty I quietly roll my BMW GSA 1250 Adventure bike out of the garage, and […]

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Tiny Shed Projects

My new vision for a proper storage shed came to me when we visited the Garden gallery in Morro bay, California. What I liked most of all was the simplicity of the way the plants and items for sale were shown. Gallery like. Open space with lots of calm interspersed. Gone now is a desire […]

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RIP Lucy the Chocolate Lab

…Losing Lucy. As in, “even gruff Papa now feels heartbreaking grief that the twelve year old family dog has died.” Not one but, two handwritten signs are now tacked up on large sycamore trees within a tenth of a mile of each other. I first saw the labs for sale signs on a lonesome country […]

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Life, Retirement and Projects

It’s finally good to settle right down into what I’ll call the retirement years sweet spot. Since my arrival to that sweet spot, the list of required projects never seems to go down. When the list was first started it read considerably different than what it does today: Rip out, tear down and rebuild a […]

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Camino de Santiago/Day in the Life

4/12/2019 Dare I change today, anyone of the sentences or thoughts I used to describe this particular day on my Camino Francés? Today, nearly two years later, I think not. I’ll just enhance the story a bit. The memories I believe, will just slowly fade into time. And today, time is all I’ve got. Sociologist […]

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