Moab Motorcycle Ride Dispatch Day 5

Jules (Samuel Jackson): Mmm-mmmm. That was a tasty burger. Vincent (John Travolta) ever have a Big Kahuna Burger?

Ralph (aka Trawlercat): Mmmmmmmm. That was a very tasty elk burger; after having just eaten at Milts hamburgers in Moab.

Bruce, have you ever seen a really really large ant hill? Of course I have I was with you wasn’t I? And I even bought you the elk burger and raspberry shake you just had. True but, I need to finish this dispatch so we can go back out again and play in that abandoned motocross track. That was really fun and I’m starting to get better at it!

And Bruce do you want to go up to the snow line up this road? Sure let’s go.

Bruce, let’s do Fins and Things trail today. We did. That’s how our day started. But, when things started getting really really gnarly we both abandoned the trail and hightailed it out of there. It wasn’t the sand that chased us out but, the really tall rock you had to climb up up and over. We might make it in but, getting back out might be a different story.

Not a gnarly picture.

Today is day five; Joe is now looking at buying Kristi a newer motorcycle. I believe she may have just graduated to a new level of riding. Why just yesterday we saw Kristi riding up some extremely gnarly red rated trails that are currently out of the reach of my Moab rock riding level. The new bike might just be this Beta. Made in Italy.

Earlier Bruce and I finished our second breakfast of the day and cup of coffee at the Rocky Mountain coffee place in downtown Moab.

Bruce suddenly recognizes the two Washington KTM 1290 brothers we saw at Gemini bridge and before I could say, a small cappuccino please; Bruce has the one brother pulling up his sleeve and revealing the most amazing motorcycle tattoo. Now Bruce is in a coffee line photographing the guys tattoo and nobody bats an eye.

Bruce at the snow line

Is it really all about the ride you might ask? I think not. It’s possibly about the bonding that takes hold with well socialized humans. It’s also about the interaction plus the sharing of a meal, a drink or even the shared passion of riding dirt bikes.

There’s more to explore and share here but, there’s still riding to do!


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