Damn Dirty Ape/Trona/ Planet Of

Imagine your self, traveling to one of our National parks and stumbling upon three astronauts, from over 50 years ago, just like in the 1968 film titled, Planet of the Apes. It’s now February of 2021. Before everything gets back to normal, let me point out that during the past six months I’ve been lucky […]

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San Diego and Little Italy Ride

They say that all great journeys begin with a single step. And, if you ride a motorcycle then, your journey begins the moment you straddle that bike. Being on a motorcycle is about being enveloped by your surroundings, totally in the experience of the environment you’re traveling through. Today, we start off with ten riders but, […]

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The Story Teller/Explore

“And In the end, we’ll all become stories.” – Margaret Atwood If you own a decade or more of digitized photography memories then maybe it’s time to review the last decade. And while reviewing those digitized memories Pause once in a while to stop and experience deep down, the brevity of your own life. Moments […]

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