Day 8 – Zero Day

This morning I felt totally disconvubulated when I got up after sleeping in what resembled a cross between a garden shed and outdoor closet; so I took a zero day. A zero day in my hiking world means a rest day, zero as in no miles walked or hiked. Disconvubulated is perhaps only as an […]

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Day 7 – El Camino Costa Rica

Today my heart nearly exploded on the camino Costa Rica according to my Apple Watch tracking my heart rate. The culprit- shadeless high heat, humidity and at times a near vertical walk on a seemingly endless mountain road. What happened I ask myself? This road started out as a paved highway. On google maps the […]

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Day 4 – Camino Costa Rica

Today promises to be a nine hour up and down walk on muddy trails. If it continued raining today the roads and river would be not passable. Great news it only turned out to be an 8.5 hour hike through indigenous jungle lands. No mosquitoes or rain. We started the morning out from an indigenous […]

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Day 2 – Camino Costa Rica

Today is an absolutely beautiful day. Why? When was the last time you slept in the jungle? Off grid and no air conditioning. Plus I last slept under a mosquito netting. Now throw in two all night snorers and shut down any chance of air movement all night. You now begin to feel last nights […]

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On Inspiration, the Camino Francés and now on to the Camino Costa Rica

Lately what inspired me and really lit my soul with an afterglow, that weeks later continues to burn brightly is having recently completed my first Camino Francés. Inspire means to excite, to encourage, or to breathe life into. Inspire comes from a Latin word that also means to inflame or to blow in to; so when we inspire something, […]

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A Mother’s Day Story

Yes, I know you are not my mother but, she passed away last year and I wanted to write someone a little story and you today are the chosen one. I at times affectionately refer to you as “mama”, and you call me what the grandkids do, papa; you are my best friend, my lover, […]

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