1994 Bangkok Marathon

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” —CHURCHILL Sunday, November 27, 1994, at 4:00 a.m. I’m only one of two Americans signed up and present to run the 1994, Bangkok Marathon; my friend Chuck is the second one. […]

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My 1970’s Era Road Trip

“In a letter back home to his mother Twain wrote, “I have just heard five pistol shots down the street. …The pistol did its work well … two of my friends were shot. Both died within three minutes.” In the late summer of 1974, with the blessings of our parents, my friend Hank and I, […]

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Camino de Santiago/Day in the Life

4/12/2019 Dare I change today, anyone of the sentences or thoughts I used to describe this particular day on my Camino Francés? Today, nearly two years later, I think not. I’ll just enhance the story a bit. The memories I believe, will just slowly fade into time. And today, time is all I’ve got. Sociologist […]

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An Outdoor Gym – Part I

Our Taco Challenge of 2020; lockdowns on account of covid 19; and binge watching of YouTube and Netflix, have all taken a toll on my body; the additional ten to fifteen pounds are now firmly resting, around the belly. Long distance walking is my normal plan for dealing with extra weight but, I love this […]

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The Cubano Lechon in 2021

Before the Trump administration succeeded in destroying Obamas policy of more open relations with Cuba, about 20,000 Americans visited legally in 2007, followed by about 1.5 million more a decade later. “We will enforce the ban on tourism. We will enforce the embargo.” – Trump. Yet in September 2016, when Trump was the Republican presidential […]

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