One more perfect moment

This morning while driving my jeep in the Southern California rain, on a country road, I hear a song that kept repeating the words, we are all halfway to somewhere, halfway to healing, and even halfway to home. I don’t recall the songs title but, it reminded me that we are all also halfway to […]

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Copper Canyon Day 4

Our Mexico hotel room in Batopilas is at the bottom of the copper canyon. The road getting here is a challenge to any vehicle so few ever travel that road for pleasure. Motorcycle Adventure riders like us and others that have been here do it for the sport of it. Our hotel rooms have about […]

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Gpskevin Copper Canyon Ride Day 1

From Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. “Our lives are just specks of dust falling through the fingers of time,’ or something on the line or like that.” A 68 year old around me is now talking to another retiree about his new flying wing aircraft. Another guy my age is planning a motorcycle ride to […]

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