Bike Bros Motorcycle Dairies

“Are you traveling to work on that motorcycle a complete stranger, now asks me, while I began fueling up. Away from the gas pump island pergolas, a steady icy cold drizzling rain, is now slowly falling.” NO, I reply. “Then why are you traveling?” – Just for traveling sakes, I say. Today is Friday, February […]

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San Diego and Little Italy Ride

They say that all great journeys begin with a single step. And, if you ride a motorcycle then, your journey begins the moment you straddle that bike. Being on a motorcycle is about being enveloped by your surroundings, totally in the experience of the environment you’re traveling through. Today, we start off with ten riders but, […]

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Age appropriate/Adult Toys

“Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing” – The Penguins of Madagascar The road stretched on forever, or so I thought, at least it did in my mind, as I continued riding East on Highway 40 through the desserts broken lands of California. This road never ends. Then it occurred to […]

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