The Baja Scooter Adventure

An adventure can be described a number of different ways, such as comic, perilous, absurd or tragical, exhilarating youthful, desperate, wild, extravagant, primitive, bitter and heartbreaking, daring, physical, extraordinary and madly heroic. While in the San Felipe area of Baja, a group of friends were enjoying our own motorcycle Baja adventure. This is when I […]

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Mosaic pebble project/Grandkids

Huckleberry Finn, from Tom Sawyer, he’s the guy you all know that was out painting or rather white washing the fence. He really didn’t want to do it so, just like me he starts to show people (spouse and a four year old grandkid) how this mosaic pebble project is so much fun. And just […]

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A Decision Making Process

Robert Frost once wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” “The Road Not Taken” poem involves a traveler’s decision to choose the less traveled and more difficult of two paths emerging from a fork in the road, unfortunately for him, […]

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Murals, Art, Reno

My morning started out by going out and finding some of the local murals I’ve read about in the local area. You know, those large pictures you see painted directly onto a wall. Preferably, an outdoor wall where it is easily seen and observed. There’s also such a thing called Mural Art; it is alive […]

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