The Free Spirit Phenomena

On a Jeep trip to the Yukon, in 2011, I suddenly discover the “free spirit” phenomena; it’s not a myth, it actually does exist, and her name was Carol. We are a group of maybe ten jeep adventurers now walking towards the admission area to partake in a glacier tour, on massive tundra wheeled behemoths. […]

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Wow- What a Summer/2020

Wow, what a summer. Quickly, I’ll blame it on two things or rather one thing and one event. Covid. Purchasing a new BMW GSA 1250 motorcycle. “The average Joe thinks that just riding a motorcycle on a public highway is only slightly less dangerous than searching for land mines with a butter knife. A motorcycle […]

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Poor Boys Yacht Club Hall of Fame

Subject:  Poor Boys Yacht Club Hall of Fame Sometime within the past ten years my friend Bill and I visit the mast up storage yard at Marina Del Rey, California, where he maintains his sailboat, a 26′ MacGregor.  This small trailerable sailboat is known as a power sailor because it is capable of doing over […]

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On Giving Blood/Power Red

A man who is good enough to shed blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. – Theodore Roosevelt So what’s today’s inspiration for giving blood? They say the need is great. Help a cancer patient as Cancer patients are among the most common recipients of blood transfusions. … […]

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The Baja Bash – April 29,2017

The “BAJA BASH” by Robert Delamotte Definition: The typically unpleasant butt-kicking endured by mariners traveling north up the Baja peninsula from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego, often consisting of 800 or so nautical miles worth of 20+ knot winds on the nose, pounding waves, and a strong current running in the wrong direction. “Oh, […]

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