There’s not allot to do in San Ignacio, Baja California but, if you visited, you could spend a little time walking around the Zocalo buying souvenirs or visiting the mission or the museum or go out to the cave paintings or; whale watching! Every Mexican town has a Zocalo. The large courtyard in San Ignacio […]

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Serra and the Mission Walkers

From the Santa Barbara mission our little expedition still had another 35 miles to walk, to reach our final destination of this journey in Ventura, California. The words to the song Ventura Highway by “America” now resonates within me as our group takes in the full view of the Pacific Ocean. In 1972, the song […]

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An Outdoor Shower

Sometimes the road of life leads you to some unexpected small joy. Today, that joy comes to me in the form of my outdoor shower that proved extremely useful during our 2021 summers heatwave. Every home I’ve owned so far, always ends up with an outdoor shower sooner or later for various reasons. In our […]

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