A Habana Story

And on the second day of my old Havana travels visit.. . . I walk roughly five miles to a section in old Havana, across the malecon but, nearer to the port and cruise ship terminal. I duck into the first shelter available, a restaurant; literally missing a huge down pour by seconds. The small […]

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The Cubano Cake And Amazing Race

With the help of a local, I now gained a huge understanding and appreciation of the amount of efforts Cuban people go to simply catch a ride or to purchase a cake. The horse and buggy are still their most dependable form of transportation that you encounter on any typical two lane country road with […]

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Boston, Cuba and Travel

We travel not to Escape life; but, for Life not to Escape us. – Anonymous. The greatest thing that you can bring home after traveling are pictures and memories. I was told a story about an American with a vision with a last name of Boston. Once he gathered up enough investors back home he […]

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