A Habana Story

And on the second day of my old Havana travels visit.. . . I walk roughly five miles to a section in old Havana, across the malecon but, nearer to the port and cruise ship terminal. I duck into the first shelter available, a restaurant; literally missing a huge down pour by seconds. The small […]

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The Cubano Lechon in 2021

Before the Trump administration succeeded in destroying Obamas policy of more open relations with Cuba, about 20,000 Americans visited legally in 2007, followed by about 1.5 million more a decade later. “We will enforce the ban on tourism. We will enforce the embargo.” – Trump. Yet in September 2016, when Trump was the Republican presidential […]

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The Cubano Cake And Amazing Race

With the help of a local, I now gained a huge understanding and appreciation of the amount of efforts Cuban people go to simply catch a ride or to purchase a cake. The horse and buggy are still their most dependable form of transportation that you encounter on any typical two lane country road with […]

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