My 2015 Year in Review

2015 is special on account of all our new great boating friends; mostly as a result of our joining the Baja HaHa XXII, a cruising rally from San Diego to Cabo.  This is also the first “real” adventure that my wife Patti and I have enjoyed together. We will always look at 2015 as our […]

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Moving Aboard the Western Flyer

Moving Aboard the Western Flyer Wednesday, August 26, 2015 “Once upon a time a man said he was going cruising. Everyone heard him and soon the whole world cheered! Hurrah! Hurrah! They cheered him so loudly that the man decided to stay. Why? What happened, they all thought? He was supposed to go, depart, sail […]

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Cruising on the Western Flyer

Cruising on the Western Flyer People own farms but, does that make them real farmers?  We now own a recreational trawler, but, what can we call ourselves – we haven’t cruised yet?     The Western Flyer of today does not resemble anything like the Western Flyer of yesterday.  Today she is updated in all her […]

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