Gpskevinbaja Day 2 Ride

Four of us were now riding Baja Mexican highway 1 like a pack of angry wolves on the run. Suddenly up ahead Joey quickly notices a minivan in distress. He immediately maneuvers his KTM 790 to within a mere few feet of the minivan; while the rest of us swerved to miss them. We slowed […]

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The Baja Scooter Adventure

An adventure can be described a number of different ways, such as comic, perilous, absurd or tragical, exhilarating youthful, desperate, wild, extravagant, primitive, bitter and heartbreaking, daring, physical, extraordinary and madly heroic. While in the San Felipe area of Baja, a group of friends were enjoying our own motorcycle Baja adventure. This is when I […]

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Road Warriors/Baja Whales

2/10/2017 Earlier, I dubbed us, the Baja Road Warriors after the 4RUNNERs trip odometer passed the 1,000 mile mark. This road trip began in Ensenada with our final destination of LaPaz. Sights encountered on this road trip include, the hot springs in Ensenada, the cave drawings, just off the road, petting of grey whales in […]

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