A Watercraft Adventure Trip

While traveling from California to Arizona I pass a mobility scooter, the last in a line of Harley riders riding the posted speed limit. A mobility scooter, if you don’t know is essentially a three wheeler form of transportation, for the aged. This group of riders all looked picture perfect riding together while also wearing […]

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Baja Burro Mike’s Sky Ranch

Yesterday we woke up at Alfonsitas Eco Hotel by the water in Gonzaga bay and just like that, the end is clearly in sight for this Baja Burro ride. Joe, Todd and Tom are probably now home while the rest of us are at lodging on the last night at Mike’s Sky Ranch. They left […]

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There’s not allot to do in San Ignacio, Baja California but, if you visited, you could spend a little time walking around the Zocalo buying souvenirs or visiting the mission or the museum or go out to the cave paintings or; whale watching! Every Mexican town has a Zocalo. The large courtyard in San Ignacio […]

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