Moab Motorcycle Dispatch Day 4

And just like that someone yelled out around 0900-1000 this morning, let’s suit up boys; while three other major events are now happening nearby. Welcome to the Mckinney bootcamp condo of trail riders.

This morning after day four it feels like my body has been subjected to a dirt bike bootcamp; four days in; I’m now experiencing a relatively new well-being effect mediated by an increase in style which in turn should yield me greater trail resilience.

Not really but, I need to catch up on my daily dispatches and pictures without words are just not going to cut it for me.

And then there’s SuperDave, Mike and Company nearby in an RV. A kickstand blew up on one of the bikes yesterday and soon there were five guys around the bike working it for the next two to three hours.

I woke up with a heavy desire to do laundry so I gathered up my stinky dirty bike ridden stuff and headed directly to the laundry room by the condos garage. I soon encountered Yoda who had risen earlier and set up a temporary zoom video conference.

I turned right around to breakfast cooked by Kevin from Colorado. Strawberry pancakes and microwaved bacon. Today we with an emphasis on me felt a little drained. The margaritas by Kristi for those that could partake one tall glass and the huge dinner and dessert may have also had something to do with it. I’m sure it wasn’t the 100 miles of backcountry on moderate to expert rated trails.

The scenery is drop dead gorgeous and the air is so crystal clear that you can see for miles and miles and miles. My photographer friend Bruce is using me as his personal prop. Stand here he says; ride up and down this trail he says; stand up and look straight ahead; all while he searches for the exact amount of light and composition for that perfect picture.

Everyone today but Tyedye took off to ride the Gemini trail via Scorpion way trail. And then as if by magic or the wonders of gps he found us!

Bruce and I spent two hours or more figuring out a way to get into Arches national park via the no toll options. We missed Willow Springs Road but, found an alternate route that consisted of nothing but, huge Baja like sand drop offs and washes.

Today let the bootcamp continue. We all want to be special, to stand out; there’s nothing wrong with this. The irony is that every human being is special to start with, because we’re unique to start with. And then in later life we then go through some sort of boot camp where we relearn what our body tells us to do.


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