Dispatch 2 – Moab Dirt Bike Motorcycle Ride

We’re on day three dirt bike riding in Moab, Utah and I have yet to process day two in my mind. Perhaps it’s because of the magical scenery all around. Someone today captured it on a chalkboard with the words; peace, love and desert dust.

This morning it took some doing after a homemade sausage omelette breakfast to pry the boys from the comforts of the condo and to go out riding. Not really but, I needed a way to start off my day two dispatch story.

And now we are no longer the three amigos (Bruce, Keith and Ralph) but, five amigos. Father Kevin and son in law (Fallon) drove up from Colorado. Tyedye met him last year somewhere in the middle of the woods, told him about the gpskevin rides while on our Wyoming BDR ride. The amazing part is that Kevin remembered that were doing Moab and followed through on showing up.

And then we were seven amigos or rather six amigos and one amiga and she rides! Husband and wife Joe and Christy arrived in time for dinner. And then as I was bbqing the chicken on the outside grill Keith asked if we had food for two more people.

Initially I said no but, I recall earlier cutting through that Baby Huey Costco chicken that Bruce brought. The thighs were so huge you could easily spank them; don’t worry I didn’t. I cut the breast into three pieces just so it would cook through. Seven guys ate one chicken and we still had one drumstick left. Or maybe it was a turkey; I now forget; perhaps it was because of that last Margarita

Yesterday it was all about the fuel. We planned on riding very far and dirt riding requires fuel. After two or maybe three stops- looking for suitable tupperware like containers to use to store spare fuel we finally ended up at the granddaddy of all camping stores in Moab called Gearheads.

Much better equipped than any REI I’ve ever been to. One of the employees took us to a mega section of the store with almost any imaginable aluminum container one could ever want. There were the 1/2 liter, full liter and even liter.5 size which Tyedye scooped up immediately before starting to tell the Gearhead employee all about the Gpskevin rides and how to navigate using a Garmin. We have plenty of those too; you want to see them?

So, quickly Bruce and I reigned in Tyedye Keith knowing there would soon be other victims out on the Potash trail that we planned on riding today.

And I was right. We stopped for a photoshoot at a cross roads when a single gal in an older Toyota Rav came up the opposite way of where we were headed. Tyedye held a one on one conversation with her and we heard how she drove up from Boulder for a week of camping in the Voodoo windcaves. How the heck did she get here in that? You guys just don’t understand how really bad ass some people are. Just when you think you are killing it out there. Out of nowhere comes the most unassuming person in the universe to bust your bubble.

That’s what happened on more than one occasion. Two girls on mountain bikes on trails so tough due to elevation gain, mountainous terrain, dry countryside and other hidden dangers; two guys riding on electric unicycles; the one guy was swerving back and forth like he was really having fun; even people hiking over 30 miles into this landscape. This is unforgivable ground we’re talking about. Right now I’m just thankful to be able to hold firmly onto this iPhone to bring you this story.

Later when I recover we’ll talk about the characters. There’s Bruce the awesome photographer whom I rode with today.

Sorrell Resort

There’s Tyedye Keith who always needs something to do, something to look forward to and tracks to plan and ride on. Right now he’s in an ultimate planning section with Joe, and Kevin and all I hear is tomorrow we do Poison Spider and…………….

Next we’ll talk about the ride locations where countless movies were filmed like

◦ Thelma and Louise

◦ Comanche

◦ Watch Ten Who Dared

◦ Wagon master

◦ Rio Grande

◦ Whitehall boats rowing built of pine

◦ Cheyene

◦ The long ranger

◦ City slickers

◦ Vanishing point

◦ Mission impossible

Then I’ll mention all the reasons for coming here to Moab and how if you don’t ride there should be a side by side OHV in your future.

And now my thanks goes out to Tyedye for putting this all together. Enjoy the pictures!


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