Chiapas, San Cristobal Museum of Textiles Motorcycle Ride

If a picture is worth a thousand words then take a good hard look at the black sheep skin skirts these women are now wearing. And what’s with all the intricate details carved onto the outside of the local churches? We arrived by motorcycle on our visit to Chiapas and this magical city where we stayed in a well appointed historic 114 year old hotel, located right in the heart of San Cristobal, Chiapas; an area known for its textiles.

Local women can be seen wearing their iconic black sheep fleece skirts. And nearby you can also see what a Mayan-Catholic church looks like. Offerings now like Coca-Cola, candles, and chicken are the ceremonial staples. No sacrifices and no pictures as the people still believe your picture of them steals their souls!

The woven and embroidered floral clothing made from artisanal weavers are what first captures your attention. This is an area worth a visit if you 1) want to get off a beaten path, explore, eat great foods 2) value clothing history 3) are an adventurous spirit with a heart for further exploration but, first start with the local textile museum. You won’t be disappointed. Let your imagination run free as you view the displays.

We visited the swap meet style marketplace and some of our guys bought products to take back home but, nothing prepared us for what we saw after a dinner stroll. The entire open plaza area was now spread out with over 100 women weaving cooperatives products on full display. Everything and anything was a bargain. Unfortunately I never captured one picture as it was already starting to get dark by the time we arrived.

You can also visit nearby Zinacantan in combination with a day trip from San Cristóbal. Then there’s also the neighboring Tzotzil Maya village of San Juan Chamula.

Another city on my Mexican motorcycle travels that I would return to by flying into is Oaxaca.

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