Dispatch from Chiapas Day 11

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” —Muhammad Ali

The roads we were on yesterday getting to our eco resort was one of the most scenic or boring roads at the same time this side of the Guatemala border. Picture a two lane highway winding through the jungle with trees on either side touching each other. Now imagine the sunlight filtering and shining through the gaps. An ever changing landscape as you take in the curves. The beauty can mesmerize you. You get to do one or the other but, not both. Watch the scenery or ride.

There will always be places like this in Mexico yet they are so much under-the-radar that few motorcycle riders will ever get this way. We are now the furthest south that we will be on this Chiapas motorcycle journey. Today we start heading back and away from eco resort type places.

Good food is what I also look forward to and this eco resort delivered. I had the most awesome vegetable soup with chicken ever. The guys went for the spaghetti. Their choices were a cream sauce or tomato. For drinks there was a full pitcher of hibiscus water. The restaurant was under a thatched roof open air cement pad with tables and chairs. Several of the boys decided shorts were a good idea in the jungle and have been paying for it since in mosquito and no se’em bites.

Riding with people that are in sync with you and your riding style is one of the best possible things that can ever happen to you.

Sometimes, you just have to come to the conclusion that “shit happens”. And speaking of shit, our eco lodge showers; a considerable distance away doesn’t provide soap and you must bring your own towel. Now is this me being picky or just sharing info. We gringos can be an odd lot at times. Always expecting things to be just the way that it should be; especially when the place you visit is in the hospitality business.

But on the road it’s a totally different thing. Take for instance tomorrow’s Chiapas dispatch that is yet to be written a line of cars followed a dump truck on a curvy mountain road while it rained cats and dogs. This is a jungle after all if I needed to remind you – so it does rain. I make my attempt at passing a Nissan sized four door 70’s version car and then he honks the horn. I kept moving in the opposite lane of traffic standing up watching out for traffic all the way till I passed that dump truck several cars up ahead. No one else honked. A short while later I finally see a real gas station. All the others places served gas out of a clear plastic jug by the liters.

So, as I fill up I asked the gas filler up worker about the guy that honked at me. I need to confirm with Roberto if what he said was true; it equated to that my penis is probably larger than the guy who felt the need to honk. Once again, shit just happens.

Also before I forget. Yesterday Tyedye Keith arrived with his team sometime after team Charlie. Team Charlie is still Joey, Todd, Dale, Joe and I. The moment Keith saw us he beelined it to the restaurant. He was so enthusiastic about visiting that last ruins that we skipped and began his sermon with have you guys ever visited Peru? His voice then drops down to half volume and then he proceeded to inquire about visiting Machu Pitchu? No we all said. Obviously not as well traveled as a 70 year old. And then I learned some amazing facts and things he just learned from his two hour tour guide. It was amazing. I felt I was there. Too much info to share here now but, if you’re interested I can certainly put Keith touch with you and I’m sure he’ll be glad to talk to you for hours.

The days are blending in and I need to move on so, I’ll just end it here for now.


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