Dispatch from Chiapas Day 4

“Memories are the best investments “.

Our A team leader (Joey) suddenly pulls over to the side of the road; after leading Todd and I earlier through the most awesomeness of twisties this side of the Rio Grande. Prior to us now stopping we were riding like we stole em and just twenty five miles shy of our final destination.

I now watched from a safe distance away while he calmly took a step or two away; takes off his helmet, then disconnects himself from his KTM890 motorcycle; similar to how they did it in that avatar movie.

He must have some sort of hair link to that bike, I calmly said to myself. You saw the movie, didn’t you? That must be how he does this MotoGT riding. He goes through some sort of mind transit state of consciousness thing. That’s why Todd and I are at the tail end of the dragon. Maybe he just woke up in some Maverick like avatar body.

And then I snapped out of my godlike fascination with the way that this guy earlier rode those 37 miles of twisties like if the KTM was on rails! And I didn’t do too bad myself!

And now Joey starts to emit this projectile like substance, in rapid fire puke like bursts. At first I honestly thought he was praying to the gods, he looked to be in a trance like state. He was definitely not giving thanks for how his body now felt.

Which now led me to thinking; man I’m so glad I’m still alive and this is only day four of our Chiapas adventure.

Must’ve been those two Arnold Palmers he consumed last night at the Applebee’s in Morelia, said Todd. I thought it was the jalapeño challenge that Tracy encouraged him to try, said I. I always like throwing the B team under the bus. Anyway we were just making casual conversation by the side of a beautiful road with corn fields over cascading valleys. Todd was on his motorcycle in front of Joey and I was parked behind Joey, a safe distance away.

And still Joey vomited with vomit coming going down the front of his jacket and shirt. Oh man, Joey suddenly remembered. I’m supposed to meet Pam at Roberto’s home and she bought me this nice shirt that I just puked up all over. She’s gonna kill me!”

“Relax,” said Todd as he walked over and puts a $10 bill in Joeys front shirt pocket. When you get to Robertos home and you see Pam tell tell her the Mexican tollbooth operator was so drunk, that after you paid the toll he took one look at you and then puked.

Then tell her Jesus the tollbooth guy felt so bad about what he just did that he stuffed this $10 bill in your pocket to pay for the cleaning. Problem solved right?

When Joey arrived and meets his lovely bride who just got off an airplane ride to come see him; the first thing she saw was Joey’s puked up shirt. You son of a gun she said; what the hell happened to that new monogrammed shirt I just bought you? I should have known you’d ruin such a nice shirt.

Sweetheart, goddess of my life, oh precious one, it’s ok. The tollbooth guy HE puked on it.” See! He felt so bad about it, he gave me this $10 bill to pay for the cleaning. But Honey, that’s a $20.”

Oh yeah…he must’ve shit in my pants too.

“Damn, I’m really hurtin’
Boy, you got me hurtin’
I feel it in my chest, yeah, I feel it in my chest and it’s burnin’
Got me thinkin’, “Is it really worth it?” No
Didn’t see it comin’, but it happened real fast
Too bad, too bad”.

The Mexican spirits have once again welcomed us into the city with open arms, unlike last year when no matter what we did; we kept circling and circling around and still couldn’t get to our hotel. We could see our destination, we just couldn’t get to it. Traffic is this bad. Why we struggled last year with all kinds of misdirection’s I know not why.

This year after paying our final road tolls (48 pesos) we proceeded towards the Mexico City Santa Fe exit (following google maps) without any problems. One short roundabout later and the AC Hotel was right where it was supposed to be.

Shortly after the A team’s arrival at the AC Hotel in Santa Fe, (Joey, Todd, and Ralph) the B team (Tracy, Brian and Bob) soon arrived.

I know you hear me talking about an A and a B team but, there’s no distinction. It’s sort of a military thing.

Todd and I joined the firefighters for lunch at nearby Ultamist restaurant while we waited for our rooms to be ready.

If I wanted to spend more time on this iPhone and fully describe to you the beauty of what we rode today you would be envious. But, I won’t. Get some rest Joey. And thank you guys. You guys are the cream of the crop. I want you to know that you I have nothing but respect, admiration and love for each and everyone one of you that safely got me here today!