Motorcycles, Pictures and Christmas 2022

And sometimes all it takes is an understanding spouse for a husband to be able to pursue their motorcycle riding adventures passion. Below, I now share with you seven of my favorite pictures that I took from different motorcycle rides in 2022.

The behind the scenes parts that you don’t see are the people that made it all possible. For example, my friend Tyedye Keith invited me to ride the newly opened Wyoming BDR on one of his loaner motorcycles, a KTM 690; I never would’ve seen, experienced or ridden the amazing countryside of Wyoming were it not for him. Or, made additional friends like Dale, Jake, Tony, Axel and especially Bruce. The following descriptions are from the BDR site:

“Beginning in Baggs, WY, the route traces the mountain ranges to the east through the Sierra Madre and Medicine Bow Ranges, crosses west to the Wind River Range, then goes back east and north through the Bighorn Mountains, eventually ending at a remote Wyoming-Montana border.

Almost every section includes some moderately technical riding, as the remote two-track flows through regions of vast high-desert, short-grass prairies, and alpine climates.

You will experience expansive views from the summit of two different 11,000-foot mountains, cross two major rim escarpmentsand pass through many other seldom visited areas and historic mining towns.

They say that there’s different strokes for different folks and I know that to be true. Some have a passion for watching others play or climbing to the very top of some mountain or to the depths of the sea. While others may be just as content at fighting a crabgrass infestation on their front lawns.

“And always remember my little nephew Michael that there will always be men with greater or lesser challenges than you.”

So, how does one go about doing that? First start off by figuring out this thing called confidence. You attain this confidence thing by starting out with knowledge. Then you progress to the training phase. Keep learning. The learning should never stop. And that’s how you acquire the experience to do anything you want to do in life.


I love trucks, especially the older ones out standing in their fields.

Costa Rica

You either use it or you lose it. There’s so much more that I could say about living a well lived retirement life now but, I’ll just leave it at two words. Flexibility and Self Awareness. Okay, okay three words. When your body stops being flexible you grow old. Your mind remains the same. It doesn’t know what age your body is until you continuously keep reminding it.

The second part is self awareness. If you practice self-awareness you begin to better understand you. Why do you feel and behave the way that you do?

This self awareness thing enables you see things about yourself and then allow you to change things about yourself so that you can live the type of life that you want to live – like NOW mastering the art of riding a motorcycle both on and off the roads, streets, trails or any other suitable environment anywhere in the world!

The other outcome that we can have is to live a life without any challenges. To just retreat oneself into a life with no challenges like what you might find in a nursing home.

At times, yes, my aging body will require more rest and relaxation than at other times. But, when it begins to warm up inside of me or a future ride is in my (window) I suddenly feel this surplus of new energy taking over. The outcome needs to be to either use it or to lose it and I intend on using it.

“Just as games generally become dull if the demands aren’t increased as our skills develop, other forms of recreation have to be made more challenging to extract the maximal enjoyment.”

Some motorcycling experiences are far better left as memories, like for example when several months ago my friend Kip invited me on a MotoVermont four state ride adventure.

I was riding on a straight stretch of road in second or third gear I now forget, when suddenly without any reaction time a huge deer takes a flying leap from the forest and suddenly t-bones me like a linebacker does his opponent. I ended up totaling a newer Triumph Tiger motorcycle and walked away with just a sore hip, ribs and a bit of a shaken head.

And now don’t tell me about your friend of a friend or how you feel that motorcycle riding is just far too dangerous; because, Ill just come back at you with more stuff about the great and lasting friendships that I’ve made in my short riding career thus far. And thankfully, I will be riding with these like minded friends in 2023. Here’s to more rides in 2023.

Thank you Patti! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone in my life.

Trawlercat 12/16/2022