Costa Rica Motorcycle Ride THE END

In 1948, twelve Quaker families escaping prosecution for not allowing their sons to fight in the war of the world; to escape persecution they left the USA for Costa Rica. Today we are staying in the hilltop hotel called El Establo; a resort that they built and established all those years ago.

Monte Verde

There is a poem that now comes to mind “the afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” R.Frost. We didn’t have a clue about what awaited us tonight. Thank you Yoda Heiner and company for the most awesomeness ride adventure in all of Costa Rica. The fact that we went from a one star hotel to a five star at the end of the day is like going from riding a KLR motorcycle to a KTM motorcycle.

This morning I opened my eyes and all I saw were cockroaches on walls. I also knew that a single ice cold spigot awaited in the shower. Earlier, I walked over to the next room to borrow some toilet paper from a forever toilet paper roll, the kind that supposedly offers a one year supply; yet ours chose today to run out.

THE DAY AFTER: I wake up to a beautiful all glass window with forever views of mountains, greenery, high above the clouds. The rest of the guys are in adjoining rooms.

We’re in a five star hotel in the city of Monte Verde Costa Rica. It’s actually cold outside and everyone is wearing puffies and jackets.

The hotels name is Hotel El Establo. The mood has totally changed even though we experienced two breakdowns that were quickly resolved.

Lunch wasn’t much to brag about as we traveled and I got my muffler reconnected.

but, it was nearby and the food and service was excellent. We were the only customers. That seems to be a regular occurrence in the small towns we visit.

Broken muffler clamp

They say that you can easily control your mood but, not your attitude. And you know something; they are right!

Thank you Yoda Mike having the strength to pull my bike from the river and eventual grasp of the crocodile in the water nearby. Thank you Josh for holding it together just long enough for us to make that quick escape. And thank you iPhone for having that extra needed charge to find our way to the Hotel San Francisco with the forever rolls of toilet paper.

Our journey is not yet over as we still have a mountain to cross over before returning our bikes but, then that’s another story.