Costa Rica Motorcycle Ride Day 4/5

My motorcycle start switch gave out today. That’s the single button needed to start my enduro motorcycle. I can only blame myself and an uphill orange clay wet and muddy 30 degree technical section of the trail that bucked me off like a bull does to a rodeo riding cowboy.

Welcome to the final day of enduro riding. You are now qualified as a journeyman. The Ultimate Riding Jerseys were handed out at our awards dinner last night at an Argentinian steakhouse in the town of Jaco.

Jaco is known for its surfing, beaches, and its nightlife. Jaco also has the hottest nightlife scene, and is the undisputed reputation party capital of Costa Rica!

Dessert apple pie and vanilla ice cream

Now before any of our spouses, especially mine, goes getting their panties in a bunch, let me just say that that’s not tonight! It’s Tuesday and we were the only game in town. And if you look at Johann above, our only vegetarian at a steakhouse, you can almost begin to yawn. The food was fantastic and the Ultimate Riding jerseys were a very nice touch to what can only be described as an “epic “ ride adventure in this lifetime.

The above picture is probably banned in California.

And sometimes afterwards you just let fate intervene on your behalf. Since I speak a decent amount of Spanish I could understand the Yodas conversation. One yoda was now telling the other Yodas that what followed was four times as difficult and long as we just came up. Mama Mia I said to myself. Soon I heard Hawaii start to say that he didn’t want to hold anyone back. That’s when I saw my opening. Yeah I said, me neither. Actually it was a little funnier than it now sounds. The photo below is probably a thousand words explanation of what we technically missed.

The red route

More to follow but, now we’re going white water rafting on our day off.


Trawlercat 12/7/2022 and the weather is just fine!