Costa Rica Motorcycle Ride Day 5

In Costa Rica or at least in Dos Rios Guanacaste howler monkeys instead of roosters are your wake up call. If your builder screws up without doing a proper ecological survey you may suddenly end up at the corner of Dos Rios and monkey highway. A monkey highway may be your wake up call from then on; between the hours of say four and five a.m. seven days a week depending on the slowest one in the group to arrive.

The monkeys don’t spend the night here they just come to graze. The group of seven includes two baby howlers. And recently I learned like I always do when writing a story that a barrel or a troop is the correct words to call the group.

Don’t get me wrong. I looked forward to those wake up calls and also looking out over the magnificent views.

If it’s impossible for you to tell from the photo below how much fun these men are now having; you might need to get out more. Words from an extremely grateful, content retired guy, that is also in the picture. Everyone in the group speaks Spanish and can understand each other. Welcome to Costa Rica and Pura vida life. You may also want to know; what’s with all the motorcycle ride stories? Or, didn’t he title this story; a motorcycle ride in Costa Rica?

So where’s my story? I know that there’s a ride story in here somewhere but, Ralph the story teller can at times be just a wee bit long winded, or maybe he hasn’t gotten around to writing a ride story yet?

Sorry! We’re still two days away from arrival of the main group but, the good news is I’m now climatized.

In addition to missing those howlers; I will also miss Tim, the couples geriatric 23 year old cat, that always slept under my bed the entire time, without me even knowing it.

Unfortunately, Tim has used up all his nine lives and may not see the end of the week or end of the rainy season which ever comes first.

RIP Tim whenever your time comes. And as a reminder Tim 11 of us are also riding Costa Rica roads so, hopefully I also have a few more lives left in me! Tim may you forever be remembered and immortalized in this ride story.

Tim was just a few weeks old when he came into this couple’s timeline. A testament to the commitment of love to one of god’s creatures and dedication to get here. And here – is a little more than you might think, because Tim was born in S. Carolina and now is living the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica. He also arrived in style, on a commuter jetliner from Florida.

Just the way I felt while visiting. Well taken care of. I usually go out of my way to respect a cats privacy when writing my stories. Tim may or may not be his actual name. In truth, I actually can’t remember his real name or the other little female tan dog- I guess we never bonded. Rose the brown lab dog; now that’s an entirely different story. Rose’s weakness is bbq chicken. She can easily be bribed with chicken.

I will also miss all the humans like Bing, Captain Kirk, Chuck and especially Kathy. She was once my boss in LA when I was just a young and seasoned crime fighter and LA held the label of being the robbery capital of the world. We were well ahead of our time.

I’ve been told that I know how to do retirement well but, these two Chuck and Kathy have got me beat. They know how to do retirement better than anyone else I know.

The Pickleball Court

Yesterday, December 1st we celebrated Grandpa’s 65th birthday by going on a catamaran sail, swim or float sunset cruise outing. Grandpa’s younger wife Wendy made all the arrangements. How I ended here is another story but, I am so glad I did.

After the second day of my visit I could feel a morning routine taking hold. Chuck would start with brewing his most awesomeness of coffee. Breakfast was last nights leftover dessert, a brownie like cake that pairs perfectly with Costa Rican coffee. Then no one in the household seems to eat lunch, snacks or drink anything but water, until about dinner time. Then like Superman, Chef Chuck reveals himself and serves up anything from bbq ribs to creme brûlée.

What my friends do is lots and lots of what you might consider exercise like, go on a jungle walk. Easily accessible by stepping just to the right of their driveway, near the outdoor shower and wood work shop side of the most beautiful pavers driveway.

Our morning hike crosses at least two rivers and several waterfalls. You can hike all the way down to the talapia pond.

Once you climb back up towards the house there’s probably already a pickle ball game in play. The miniature tennis court looking court for pickle ball resembles one. Theirs is prominently built just out front, below the infinity pool, perfectly framing an endless horizon, all the way out to the Pacific Ocean.

Pura Vida


Costa Rica 12/2/2022