Costa Rica Motorcycle Ride Day 2/3/4

With my brown eyes carefully concealed behind dark sunglasses after a red eye flight to Costa Rica from LAX on Delta flight 1974; I now stared out of the airplane window as the pilot finally declared that we have arrived at our destination of San Jose, Costa Rica.

We just knocked out 2,878 miles of air travel in the same span of time that it took me to drive from the airport to Guanacaste, an area to the NE part of the country.

So far I’ve heard Pura Vida uttered to me at least three times between immigration and breakfast at Denny’s. Damn that’s a great cup of coffee, I said to no one in particular.

The rest of our riders show up on Saturday for our ride that starts on Sunday. Today is Wednesday and I am still working my way on getting climatized to a new country. Slow and easy. For the motorcycle ride story you will have to wait a few more days.

My inner self is a story teller who also likes to laugh and tell stories. A brain freeze from the tropical green smoothie at Denny’s followed up by a sip of that wonderful Costa Rica coffee is just what this body needs. Repeat! I’m at a Denny’s restaurant. Just like the kind back home in any town USA. Right next to the Holiday Inn, in front of the Economy car rental place where I rented a car. Another surprise. Car rental $50 per day for a midsize. Oh, you want A/C and an automatic with that car plus insurance? That’s another $50 per day. Next week it doubles on account of the high season.

I tried to lose myself in the spectacular views now before me but, my stomach said feed me. A smooth, coffee and a big slam breakfast is $24 US. Rental car is $100/day. And lodging if you have great friends with their very own pickleball court in Costa Rica? Priceless!

Pura Vida