The Road to Sturgis V1.0


The start of our journey wasn’t at all how I’d imagined or pictured it. About eight months ago Bike Bros rider Mel proposed plans to ride to Sturgis in 2023. About eight to twelve riders originally signed on to ride. Five and yours truly are here now and only two are riding Harleys. The rest are on our current model adventure motorcycle. I ride a 2020 BMW GSA1250, xx is on a xx and xx in a xx. (remember this is still a draft in progress)

Picture six riders setting off from a large Southern California city on a great road trip adventure to Sturgis, surrounded by all types of friends, family; and kids cheering. The Riverside Press Enterprise newspaper the next day would bear a story with the headline “Bike Bros On The Road To Sturgis”

Only this wasn’t so. It was only a dream I just woke up to. The real story is that we very humbly met at the local Chevron like we usually do before each ride. Our panniers are fully loaded for a road trip to Sturgis; and a big wide grin all around on everyone’s faces.

We next rode out to Papa Tony’s Diner in San Bernardino for breakfast. You know the type of place this is. A kitschy 1950’s themed diner with turquoise booths serving old fashioned pancakes and coffee in vintage coffee mugs.

The ride plan was to ride as far as xxxxx on day one. We would spend the night and then hit the road the next day after enjoying another hot country coffee and breakfast.

Coach loves to ride his BMW 1250 Adventure motorcycle; only this time he is on, as duly promised, a newly purchased 2023 Harley-Davidson Road King. Well, if you want to know the truth, his wife actually bought him the Harley. It was xx and xx in color, with the original factory pipes and a seat comforts seat.

Coach didn’t get any of the customized add-ons that Harley is known for because it was a surprise purchase. The rest of the Bike Bros now looked on with envy. Elvis confessed. My wife would never do such a thing. Coach’s wife sure knows how to customize a Harley. We all wished our spouses had this extra spending money, and love and devotion for their man. Mine does. At least the love and devotion parts.

Yeah, your are correct. Maybe this is still part of the original dream I woke up to. I need some help here. What to do with the rest of the story. Keep writing or you tell me where I should now take it to? The Sturgis ride is on my calendar for the first two weeks in August 2023.

For me to be able to flesh out the riders for the complete story or say, a book; I need to start learning more about them. And just maybe I can throw in one or two characters similar to the likes of Damian Blade, Dudley Frank or even the Del Fuegos Biker Chick. You probably don’t even know who they are do you? Well our Bike Bros on occasion do sound something similar to this to me:

Bobby Davis: Ooh boy, my ass is sure sore.

Dudley Frank: Mine too, its Coaches fault for riding us so hard yesterday. The human body wasn’t made to stradle something that big for that long.

Woody Stevens : Well ya know its gonna hurt a little bit but, that’s all part of making memories. Its why we ride and also why nobody brought their wives.

Bobby Davis: Wut da…? What the hell? Someone wanna explain to me why I’m the only one in the dirt? When I got sore jaws from 3 hours of blowin…

Highway Patrolman: Please… Please, for the love of God, finish your sentence.

There’s women at Sturgis? There’s now probably ten pounds of sugar in a five-pound sack standing right before us. Her shorts are quite short. The blonde just told us that she is also planning on riding to Sturgis. Most of us thought, lose twenty pounds and your Harley will probably thank you for it. Mel now thinks she could probably also be a model. That is, if she follows through with those twenty or thirty pounds.

Wow I thought, now why didn’t I also lose twenty pounds before this ride? We all still could.

My wife Patti now says; you’re not going! You didn’t tell me there would be women at Sturgis! Why no dear, I’m only along for making memories and the ride stories.

4. The road trip

5. The riders

6. Coach is on a summer vacation from teaching; xx is xx and yours truly is retired.

The budget xx

The History


A white haired bearded and well toned guy walks by my BMW motorcycle and gives it a longing look. His overweight wife follows holding the leash to the family white furry dog.

You are reading a future ride story. Now- don’t you all just want to be the very best version of you in 2023? Maybe and maybe, just maybe, there’s still time for that new Harley Road Glide?


“We only live one life, but then maybe it’s not the years in your life; it’s the life in your years “.