Sahuaripa to Creel Motorcycle Ride Part II

Mexico Highway 16 is now my favorite “new” road, although today to get to it we had to run the entire gauntlet of everything from brush, to trees, to rocks, cows, falling roads, and even a few semis on a road not even suitable for a 4×4. To run the gauntlet in the early days meant to take part in a form of corporal punishment in which the party judged guilty is forced to run between two rows of soldiers, who strike out and attack them with sticks or other weapons. That was us today but, on motorcycles and all the natural elements (especially the potholes and fauna) are what conspired to take us or our motorcycle out at any moment. If you were not on your A game today then you too could become part of the natural scene if you didn’t have someone coming up behind you.

I lost track of everything including my eyesight at times because the morning sun shown brightly through bush trees. They over extended their reach sometimes to as far as even the middle of the lane. The light filtered through, blinding the driver with the visor or sunshield in the up or down position. At times I actually needed to hold my hand up shielding the brightness through the trees to see what was up ahead.

It took nearly forever before I finally reached a T in the road and then soon realized that this was now Highway 16. I picked up my speed and then became one in absolute motorcycle riding glory.

Again I gave thanks for being here now and to be able to experience this pleasure in life that only comes a handful of times like finding a lifelong mate, the birth of a child or a grandchild.

Two mesquite cooked chickens

And then I spotted the Mexican version of Jurassic park from my vantage point looking down. It was just that surreal. I wish I had pictures to share but, then I would not be in the total moment like I now was. I was riding alone for a while until I realized I hadn’t yet had breakfast. I asked several locals and my choices came down to two rundown looking shacks that didn’t look too inviting. Wrong! A local steered me right. The moment I entered I was immediately made welcome and everything was spotless. The young woman cooking my meal made the best rancheros eggs I’ve had yet. Before long Todd spots my motorcycle just off the road and joins me. I ordered a Steak Torta for him and he said it was the best he’s ever had and so had me place an order for a second one. Still we were the only two people in this tiny house restaurant.

Prior to riding off I went to the Pemex bathroom and Todd disappeared from my view. I thought he was gone but, I spot him by the Oxxo building up his road karma. It seems that Todd spotted this skinny dog and decided he was going to do something about it. He brought out a bag of dog cheerios and a bottle of water that he cut just so, so that dog could also drink when thirsty. I should’ve taken a picture instead of the one of him and our lunch chicken man.

I also did my own road karma when I spotted a group of children and their parents. I pulled my motorcycle by then and surprised them by speaking Spanish. I said the back of those two saddle bags are filled with candy. Grab as much as you like. It was like trick or treat at the casa BMW. You should’ve seen the adult and children smiles and wild cheers and waving that I got. My heart swelled a little and I don’t know if it was that butterfly that caught my eye but, a little tear was spilt on Mexico Highway 16 today.

Todd the Shield I called him. He ride like the wind today and I felt like I was in motorcycle finishing school. He brought my A game up and paid me a compliment when he wanted me to take the lead. I did and soon realized he now had a Ralph Shield. This human shield is helpful for everything including potholes, cows, stray trucks and even a dead horse road kill all covered in buzzards just around a blind curve.

I could go on and on and on but, I won’t.

God bless the good people we’ve encountered so far which is all of them.