Copper canyon day 2; Part I

Last night the wayward boys took taxis from our hotel to the waterfront restaurant known as Senor Amigo located in Puerto Peñasco, a beach city in the northwestern corner of the state of Sonora on the shores of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), about 70 miles south of the border with Arizona.

If you are looking for real Mexican culture then this place is certainly not it. Our two story hotel is nestled between a karaoke nightclub rooftop bar, a taco shop below and strip clubs and working girls. We all sat in the hotel parking lot on plastic chairs after our excellent seafood meals and watched the street side circus going on literally all around us.

And just about the time that bikers midnight came, everyone retreated to their simple rooms. The heavens suddenly began to open up with the most horrible sound system imaginable; the shrieking music and voices attempting Mexican versions of “the Voice “ were unrelenting.

Since setting fire to the place was not yet an option I personally made every effort at sleep but, literally the hotels foundation down to the walls, floor, and roof were now at risk. I felt the first signs of vibration-related damage as cracks developed in the hotels interior planes of vertical loadbearing walls.

And then this crazy white lightning flashing of lights began; causing everything in the room to resemble the innards of an x ray machine. I struggled squeezing the living shit out of the two pillows provided. They were probably here from the time the place was built. The pillows innards now resembled decayed clothing.

I know NOT when the Noriega like “music torture” stopped but, there’s little doubt in my mind that it works. Perhaps they were attempting songs like “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses, “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” by Bon Jovi, and “The End” by The Doors but, they failed miserably and as a result our ride today may be impacted as we make our way to Hermosillo.

Prior to last night I thought that everyone of our riders was a tough and, to be honest, a little crazy for being out here in Sonora land sort of motorcycle rider.

Today I am not so sure. Most of our group like Paul, Dal and David are the kind of guys you hear people like me writing stuff about. Our ride group contains everything from a builder, to an insurance salesman to a pilot and even a college chemistry teacher; but, at their very core I believe are a group of guys that were just hardened up even further for for Mexico motorcycle travel into the younder lands; bring it on Gpskevin.

To be continued…….