Copper Canyon Day 2: Part 2

Up ahead on the Sonora 3 highway I suddenly see up ahead on the road two guys and no car or truck anywhere around, slowing down quickly from nearly 100 mph I see one frantically waving at me to stop. A quick look over and I now see a rifle and a handheld radio in his hand; that I missed; when I make eye contact with his friend he quickly drops the rifle. That’s when I gave a stern look and wave and quickly gunned it away. At first I thought; teenagers illegally poaching. The only thing that changed from those initial thoughts was the handheld radio that he spoke into. I looked in my rear view and saw David’s Triumph headlights. Since he also ran the gauntlet I figured Todd would be doing the same.

Thank you guys

Today was an outstanding day riding except for my maybe a big part of the Sonora 3 scab highway. The roads resembled a chicken poxed body that scratched all the scabs leaving gaping wide holes everywhere. Parts were filled in with sand but most were not. For a while we rode on the left side of the highway before that also gave way taking most of the road with it. Still I kept pace with Todd as he just kept going faster and faster as the road got worse and worse. Well, I thought, if one can’t beat it, then I’ll join him.

Suddenly his legs and arms go flying up in the air. A cow! Todd was warning me about a brown cow on the washed up side of the road. The cow freaked out at the motorcycle noise it now heard and quickly tore through the brush spilling itself onto the roadway. Today was just miles and miles of traveling at high speeds on terrible roads before we encountered anything other than a broken road. Twice I looked at my Garmin seeing how far ahead the distance to the next gas station.

My friend Kimberly

I led the trio for a while doing 95 mph before David passed me up and motioned me to the first store countryside store this side of Sonora. Immediately we smell mesquite cooking chicken. After purchasing a cold drink we walked over and found a family doing take out chicken. 60 pesos ($3) for half a chicken, salad and 4 handmade tortillas. I handed two kids handfuls of candy. We were well rewarded by smiles and waves as we speed off to Hermosillo. The place resembles LA traffic in the early afternoon. There’s nothing that you can’t find here.

Our lunch stop- Mesquite chicken