MotoVermont Day 7

Today after riding over an eight hour day through Vermont and New Hampshire roads I’m now spent. My culminating or saturation point of riding is reached, much as it was for Gump when he declared; I had run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours.

For those of you still interested in riding these roads. Here’s your info: from our lodging at the Essex House and Tavern in Brighton, VT you could start with the Kancamagus Highway, 36 miles, today in late September we experienced blue skies and a magnificent view of the fall colors from the lookouts; another spot Mt Washington is only 7.7 miles long but, weather cooperating you should do it; and then there’s New Hampshire route 26, about 30 miles.

The two guys I’m riding with are extremely good riders and can easily take the lead and make you work hard to catch them. That’s what makes riding worthwhile to me. Why ride with someone you always have to wait for or has a fear of things like double lines, do not pass, dangerous roads ahead or deer and moose crossing warnings.

But, seriously my co-riders are on BMW GS1250’s with 80/20 tires and I am on a Yamaha Super Tenere 700 with knobby tires that will be tossed after this ride season is over or I turn it back whichever occurs first. If I can’t keep up with them on this awesome machine (Gpskevin) then I haven’t improved. I can!

Maybe I was recently experiencing a Maple Creme sugar high? Or maybe my mood changed because I literally stink. The socks I just took off can now stand up on their own. My underwear has seen itself inside and out on more than once occasion. I need to do laundry and I need to do it now.

This MotoVermont trip is only a big deal for me and possibly John and Kip. I’m only documenting it in case amnesia suddenly sets itself in me or for that one special grandkid that one day may need to learn a little about his/her late Papa Ralphy.

Have you seen me!

Everyone everywhere else has their own lives to live. And some have their own adventures and are simply holding theirs in their heads and not now sharing it daily, like I am.

Up until recently I was on a high, really enjoying each day, feeling full of nothing but good vibes. I’m ready to head home now. I’ve been riding for eight days straight now. The end has got to be near sometime!