The eBike Build and Riding Del Mar, California

The gal at Boar’s head deli made me a delicious Manhattan sandwich; in about eight bites I totally devoured the sandwich. It now seems to me that she was heavy handed with the pepper chino’s; tickling my taste buds and adding to my recent ride thirst.

“Sitting on a shady public bench in the Del Mar village area, just watching the beautiful people pass by.” Some go in and out of the UPS store as I slowly down the full liter bottle of Carlsbad alkaline drinking water (surprisingly only $2.99). No, not quite homeless in appearance but, not necessarily fully fitting in either.

Welcome to Del Mar village and highway 101. Earlier I continued exploring the Torrey Pines area alone with testing out my ebike build. Basically I took a 25 year old full suspension aluminum frame department store, possibly Chinese built bike called a Pacific and electrified it. A few more hundred dollars was spent on tires, pedals, shock, new handlebars, seat topped off by a Bafang mid drive motor. This setup now propels me at up to 29 mph maximum speed. I can either choose no pedal assistance, 1 through 5 levels of pedal assistance or twist the throttle without pedaling for up to sixty miles if riding.

Before Torrey Pines was ever conceived as a Golf Course , it was first called Camp Callan – an Army anti-aircraft artillery training center during WWII. The base was operational from January 1941 – 1945. The view from the Torrey Pines Golf Course and surrounding area is breathtaking.