Dog Needs A Tablet and Father’s Day 2022

This morning the grandkids woke up in our household, on account of a Blake Sheldon concert nearby. Everyone in my close vicinity; a three and six year old minus the family dog is plugged into their very own personal technology.

Welcome to our new world of Escapism. My escapism brain is different than my grandkids but, just the same, we all engage in some form of distraction on a tablet, game piece or phone. My escapism mind now wants to end this one story.

Aren’t retired people the best storytellers in the world? We spend a huge chunk of every day soaking up vast amounts of useless information and oftentimes like to share it with friends or family.

My prediction for the future is that one day dog too will also end up with their very own tablet or iPhone. They’ll communicate via Facebook what they enjoyed for breakfast or of near and distant places traveled to pee and poop.

The family dog, a six month old chocolate Labrador will likely stay a toddler for the next five years. Dogs don’t feel anything more than a little joy, some fear, lots of excitement, and plenty of contentment after putting things in her mouth.

This blog story post’ goal was supposed to be about how we benefit from stories told to us. How stories that we hear spark the imagination. With everything going on around me I’ve now once again lost my focus so, will leave off with rules for enjoying great conversations:

  • Don’t try to multitask. …
  • Use open-ended questions. …
  • Go with the flow of what you hear…
  • Don’t equate your experience with the person telling you their experience…
  • Try not to repeat yourself. …
  • Stay out of the weeds. …
  • Listen. …
  • And above all try to be brief.

A well told story can feel like a pleasurable escape. Colbert, the television, YouTube sensational comedian told me a joke recently that went something like this: Chris Rock was slapped all the way into next week; following his opening remarks. I’m still laughing about it.

Why do we like to hang onto the fake struggles of pretend people on television? Escapism! Wouldn’t all of that time be better spent working on something in your garage or quality time with our loved ones?

According to a book: THE STORY PARADOX. We are a species with a bottomless appetite for story, and technology has broken down all our barriers to how much we are now able to consume.

Enjoy your Father’s Day. I know I will.


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