A BBQ Motorcycle Ride To Lake Arrowhead

Not long before arriving at our meet up spot I notice the temperature rising and keep an eye on it. At 0930 it was already 88 degrees. Earlier I walked away from a tweaker chick. She was parked nearby in the shady side; she exited her car mumbling to me that I was riding her bike, and she wanted it back. She looked like the Itchy boots gal on YouTube that travels the world on her many different motorcycles except in a Darwanian face sort of way.

Her tweaker boyfriend looked on from the comforts of the blue Honda car with the blown out rear window. I was also temporarily enjoying the shade, waiting on my ride friends to show up.

On the 210 freeway earlier, a police car up ahead was zigzagging with its lights flashing to get everyone to slow it down a bit; a different tweaker guy way up ahead was walking just a bit too close to the side of the freeway. The heat must be getting to him. A minivan driver behind in the carpool lane also needed a little biker persuasion to get away from riding my ass, and we continuously slowed for the freeway tweaker, she did, and then all was again wonderful, riding this new freeway road with the huge rain grooves in it. I was again matching my mph speed to the still rising temperature.

After filling up on the highest premium fuel prices $6.79 that money can now buy, (at least we’re now not in the market for toilet paper or baby formula) we may one day look back on this day and say; I remember back in the year 20-22 when gas was so expensive; California Gas is so expensive now that drivers are shooting themselves instead of each other.

Today our action of riding is for the sake of enjoying a little bbq. My ride buddy JC, aka Jim Carrey, the actor is still a little traumatized over watching Will Smith recently on television smacking Chris Rock over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith.

Our third rider Tiny failed to show. I really could use a third protagonist on this ride. Tiny would’ve likely have said; it really wasn’t the “smack” for me so much, as it was the yelling of the obscenities that derailed the entire thing.

I agreed , recently I came close to smacking the living shit out of that tweaker chick who wanted my motorcycle and I like Will Smith I also didn’t think first about using words.

So you see, we humans have come a long long way to settle our differences. Why just recently, in the news, Amber Heard defecated in (Johnny Depps) bed following an argument, a claim that resurfaced during Depp’s defamation trial, sparking considerable interest. She what? And he was still in the house?

Our new pup Lexi recently did that, to an expensive for us rug, and the rug was out the door permanently.

So what does any of this have to do with riding a motorcycle to get bbq. Well, it’s just a day in time of our real or made up world on television or radio, and consuming vast amounts of it will soon get you talking about “it”.

BBQ at LuLuBelle’s

We humans have also come a long way with religion, and in such a short time too. Elsewhere, and in a different religion, only this time it’s the real deal. The Taliban in Afghanistan have instructed that women cover up in public from head to toe, including their faces. And get this; It’s their male guardians (husband or father) who could have his thumbs broken or worse if their women defy the rules.

The two guys I’m now riding with never said any of the above. Perhaps it’s the heat talking or the lack of material for riding a bbq ride story. All just purely a fiction of my adult overachiever imagination.

It’s called a story- purely meant to entertain an audience on my blog as varied as my 12 year old nephew in Miami who often reads blogs purely for entertainment purposes, or a Moto Guzzi rider in Ventura or better yet, a friend named Roberto who not long ago survived a motorcycle head on collision around a twisty curvy single wide blind turn when he encounters a full sized pickup truck. The Mexican spirits failed to catch up to my friend that day but, soon both his broken thumbs will one day heal, as he has lived to ride yet another day.

Hey says Tiny if he were on this ride; I just saw something unprecedented nearby, people are actually walking or riding bicycles and there’s no cars on the road! Yeah, and maybe they’re on their way to eat our bbq too! And so (I) speed back up again with a ride focus in mind- BBQ!

Jim Carry loves motorcycles but, he tells me he needs to work on increasing his ride speed about 25 to 50 mph just to try to keep up with me.

A motorcycle rider is not made by simply riding a motorcycle. He must first find in himself a love and a passion for it.

Green Valley Lake 6700’ elevation

The two riders quickly put aside any fear or concerns; we looked over one another’s motorcycles, freely traded any upgraded equipment information, and talked about the ride and our hunger for bbq. We always establish this type of camaraderie before our ride; similar to soldiers waiting to ship out for war.

“When he confessed to them his complete lack of riding experience, none suggested it was absolute madness for a novice to ride to the top of Lake Arrowhead on a crotch rocket.”

An earlier rider that we both observed at the Chevron fuel pumps. We willfully shoved any common sense aside saying, come ride with us. NOT!

I don’t know what kind of riding or recreating you do while reading this little story but, I will say, that contentment is an under appreciated thing these days. As a motorcycle rider I also see that our joys of riding motorcycles are as simple as a child playing with a new toy.

The temperature up in the mountains was now a beautiful and gorgeous mountain air 74 degrees.

And the bbq we ate; that was some outstanding bbq. And it was even served with watermelon slices. The refreshing treat is too sweet to resist, and it’s certainly an easy addition to any barbecue menu. Meanwhile, hamburgers come in second after BBQ, followed by ribs. Grilled chicken, pulled pork, and kebabs, all tie in for fifth place

Oh, so you also wanted to know about our ride. Purely uneventful. At one time while following Jim Carey I was praying really hard for a large bear to come running out of the forest and onto my rider friend; so that I could make this story a little more exciting for you. Sorry that also didn’t happen.

And that my friends is what Bike Bros call making memories. Enjoy your weekend.

Trawlercat 5/14/2022

And now the temperature on the ride home shoots up to 102 and only drops by two degrees by the time I arrive home. The little woman greeted me at the garage door. I tell her; I brought you a little leftover bbq. My only request is that you now hurry up and fill a large bucket with ice and then drop it slowly on my groin area. Now that was some hot riding weather today.