If you are over 50 years old then maybe you may remember that when you were a kid there were millions and millions of bright, beautiful and colorful stars up in the night sky. You could look up and see them.

Well let me remind you that those same stars are probably still there!

Only on this 1500-2000 mile ride no one stayed up long enough at night to find out. The daily off road enduro riding miles took its toll on us slowly, plus it rained and it also got cold. The first two days were my favorite. The first 90 miles of the third day full of sand and mud was also my favorite. The second 90 miles on you can keep. Too many road and country miles but, without putting in those miles you wouldn’t get a chance to see the beautiful scenery of Wyoming and Yosemite. Some of us saw herds of elk in excess of two hundred animals. We also saw deer, pronghorn antelopes, wild horses and lots and lots of cows plus lots and lots of buffaloes in Yellowstone.

The Wyoming visibility when it wasn’t raining, for the first two days was about ten miles visibility. The Wyoming air was always so refreshing and great to inhale, at the 5-10,000 feet level that we seldom felt out of breath. In motorcycle riding, there’s a living-in-the-moment type of experience, that there is simply no shortage of stimuli. Right now I’m having a hard time recapping an entire week of riding the Wyoming BDR with guys that started out as just strangers and are now friends. Yoda Keith put it this way; “we all met on a motorcycle riding site, it’s like a dating site, only for motorcycles.

Our minds tend to calcify and grow numb in the ruts of day-to-day repetition. Variety is more than the spice of life; it’s an essential nutrient to feeding the human soul.