Baja Burro Mulege to San Ignacio Part III

Our journey riding motorcycles down Baja is for some of us, a chance to push ones limits, on roads not to US standards or with adequate signage that don’t coddle you when you take those twisties maybe just a tad bit too fast for your skillset. Welcome to riding adventure motorcycles in Baja Mexico.

What doesn’t kill you in Baja will certainly go a long way towards making you a far better, stronger and superior rider in the end. Take it from someone who knows. Riding in Baja is like in many ways just like dog years. Your first Baja week long ride is equal to about 15 human motorcycle riding years back in the states.

Your second Baja ride of two weeks or longer, if you survive is now equal to almost a full year of a dog’s life.

If you survive riding Baja, then you can probably survive riding most anywhere else in the world. Add an additional year of riding and eating in Baja to extend your life.

Today on the road from Santa Rosalia back up towards San Ignacio we rode a road worthy of further description.

Could this ride be just as enjoyable were I not chasing to catch up to a great rider like Joey, “I now asked my myself? And where’s Dukati Chris, the designated wingman?

Welcome to part III.

Today we checked out of our beautiful resort hotel in Mulege and then rode into Mulege proper to eat at a Yoda Roberto recommended restaurant called Doney’s. The food was good but, no comparison to Maurico’s recommended by Yoda Marco. Mauricos is literally out in the middle of nowhere and is famous for their crabmeat or lobster and machaca and eggs. Worth the ride to Baja. That’s what Baja is all about. Little bits of nuggets when you least expect it. Like today in San Ignacio. An ice cream shop that also sells the best date shakes anywhere. She’s been in business for twelve years. Today she made Tom and I banana splits. You can’t miss it, it’s right in the town square.

As we blast our way southbound on Mexico 1 towards the Mexican town of Loreto you can already feel the start of the summer heat. This is Gpskevin’s last trip until the fall season in Baja.

Mexicans from all over the world flock to Loreto year round, not to see or visit the mission but, to see and marvel at their lovely sidewalks. They are all uniform in size, shape and even width; the same as we have back home, only we gringos, like with other common things like running water and garbage collection, just take it all for granted. In some towns like Santa Rosalia the streets sink, the sidewalks at times have huge near intentional drop offs, oftentimes they more resemble a livestock loading ramp than a people passway.

Yesterday morning we woke up and each wanted a cup of coffee to jump start the morning. Well the Bahia Los Angeles hotel with the munchkin toilets didn’t have any available for another hour so several of us walked over to the closed restaurants and waited for someone to stir. Soon, a girl in a school uniform came out. We asked her if she could get someone to open up and make us coffee. She called her younger sister, about 8 years of age, who unlocked the place and started making the coffee. We look down by the counter to a cat sleeping with his eyes open. Cats don’t sleep with their eyes open someone said. It turns out it was the girls cat and we broke the news to her that she might need to get another cat. She smiled, we smiled and the cat now looked like it was also smiling but, didn’t move.

Allot can happen on Baja roads and tomorrow is another day for the start of PART IV.