Baja Burro Motorcycle Ride Tecate Zero Day

Tecate to San Quintin to the Bay of LA

“To lead a life so boring that you are easily enchanted or to lead a life so full of stimulus that you are easily bored?”

Can you imagine trying to describe the wind to somebody? “Well, it was, you know, real . . . windy. I mean, really really windy yesterday. You know what I’m saying?” It must really be very frustrating for people who are unable to put into words a truly unique experience.

This morning, just as soon as Joe from Phoenix who rides an African Queen wake’s up we walk to the hotel next door, down the lobby stairs and into the spa, just in time for our 0800 therapeutic massage appointments. Hopefully they will also offer hot steaming rocks.

The same owner owns both hotels and this week only he is offering a $300 peso discount for any spa treatments, from facials to exfoliating to massages. That’s like paying $35.00 US for a one hour massage at a five star spa. Yesterday they were all booked so we took the first appointments today.

And yea, then we’re having breakfast and after breakfast riding out to the scenic tour Guadalupe wine valley. Think Napa valley Mexican style.

Last night before dark we decided on an evening walk to walk off the Grand Marnier margaritas and molcajete seafood and steak meals.

We headed in one direction before a guard stopped us and told us there’s nothing that way; that’s the road to Tijuana. We turned around and walked the other way dodging almost everything from rubble to dead animals to garbage and other curiosities strewn on the streets of Tecate.

What first appeared to us as a take out pizza place turned out to be the house of Vagos. It actually said on a sign that the place was a club for motociclistas Vagos and that they were originally started in San Bernardino in 1965.

One Harley stood parked out front. These guys are referred to as the one percenters in the motorcycle world of hooligans; we gave them an even wider berth than walking to TJ; and then headed back to our hotel for the night.

Never underestimate how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in an evening walk in a strange and foreign city like Tecate, Baja Mexico.

Trawlercat 4/23/2022