On Turning Age seventy (70)

Not really much of a story. Just a few random thoughts, not yet fully developed before moving on with my morning. Enjoy!

It’s good to have time in the morning to oftentimes reflect on things. To stop and to look at life from yet another perspective.

My five year plan now calls for looking far enough ahead, behind and the present so that hopefully, not many things in life catch me by complete surprise. On my death stone it may say something like; He lived a well planned life before that…….. or, he always felt a strong pull towards adventure ………Or Death Finally Pulled Him In.

Turning 70 without a whole lot of mentors around to observe as role models can be tough; for all my friends now, seem to be considerably younger.

I think all people on earth are in search of something.

Things that seemed so serious a long, long time ago now seem like the perfect path of life.

Life is not really such a big deal if you can stop and enjoy the process going on all around you.

Everything in life always has a way of unraveling itself.

“You can do this, you’re half way there”.  Like hell I am, I’m a baby boomer and my life expectancy is said to be when I was born 63; today it’s more like 79.

Most boomers of this generation are relying too much on medications and not changing their lifestyles and that’s why their health is actually worse.

Before, where someone might have died at age 50 from a first heart attack, now that heart attack is delayed until the age of 60 – but, during that 10 year [heart attack delay] gap, that individual is not enjoying better health.

They’re not addressing the basics – which have never changed – of diet and exercise.”

Benjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying that many people die at twenty-five but, aren’t buried until they are seventy-five

A typical retirement year in my mind consists of three distinct phases; the preparation and planning phase, the actual adventure or journey phase and finally some recovery and maintenance phase before starting the whole process over again.

If you lived with me, you would know that this pattern started to emerge about twelve years ago. And like mind, body and soul that are three distinct parts that need regular feeding to stay well maintained; If just one part starts to wander off then you “simply start to know it”.

Life has a way of also letting you know that you have now left the safety of a secure harbor and are now starting to venture out towards that open and unpredictable sea.

“When the time comes, you simply know it.”

Sometimes life is also letting go of one thing before moving on to the next thing. Letting go of your old believes, or old habits, or established feelings. Life has a way of breaking down strong resistance you once had and making things more bearable.

Born of a generation whose energy level was not tempered or measured by the number of years lived.

Enjoy a life well lived for the choice is always ours to make!

Trawlercat 1/21/2022