The New Pup – Lexie the Chocolate Labrador Retriever

They both look great together and their future is looking both bright and good again. The eight week old, little girl chocolate Labrador retriever pup and her siblings were now ready for forever homes. We were the first to arrive at the professional Labrador retriever’s breeders home. Believe me, she really tried adopting but, the competition was too fierce and a Baja dog was certainly not in our future.

Imagine if you will for a moment a newly bathed and puppy smelling ball of mushy pudgy brownish fur. Now throw in a set of fine piranha teeth that are constantly swinging about trying to grab on to anything within their reach; welcome to your new puppy.

The baby is now thrashing about a fur toy as I look down from the safety of my couch, keeping those eight week old piranha teeth at bay and in check. “Life,” is sadly not structured, like a good old-fashioned reading novel but, instead an ending that naturally occurs due to doggie years conflicting with our human years.

Lucy’s life petered out at twelve years of age. She was our previous chocolate Labrador retriever who had us trained exactly the way she wanted us. We woke up when she said it was time; fed and walked her at her time of choosing and when she was ready for bed she gave us one last long look before turning herself in for the night, before getting back up again and doing it all over again.

All that’s left now are her memories. I called that dog many things over the years, from Lucy to Lucinda to Luda to Trouble to even that brown eyed dog.

Lucy swimming in the Florida keys

The new pup already has her own future personality in place. We are better equipped than ever to handle her, as we’re now both retired and can devote more attention than ever to her needs than Lucy ever received. Her gentle snoring sounds now are like music to my ears as she is always near one of us – for this is only her day four with her new pack.

Earlier I stared out of our front bathrooms window into the garden, and lovingly admired the memorial created by Lucy’s mama. Her old collar now holds a wind chime that flutters about in our Southern California winter breeze, it now gives off this gentle inharmonic sound. The words, In memory of a life so beautifully lived and a heart so deeply loved” RIP Lucy.

Baby Piranha, you’ve got some big shoes to fill. Here’s to the start of your story.

Trawlercat 1/9/2022