Tampico to Weslaco, Texas Day 14

And for the rest of this trip; I can’t afford to stay in motels anymore; my pesos are all gone, my debit card shows a balance of $100 US; my iPhone has crapped out on me and my BMW motorcycle has been reminding me the past 1,000 miles that it’s now due for service. Am I now forced to sleep on the ground with no tent, just Gordo’s tarp cover to throw over me, in case of cold or worse yet rain. Maybe I should befriend a Baja dog, for some additional warmth?

Wow! That must’ve been some nightmare I woke up to. Perhaps I can blame it on last nights sopes I ate in Tampico; or perhaps the chocolate covered banana with sprinkles. There’s something to be said about a nice mattress and a soft pillow or two; which of course I didn’t have.

Last night I slept in a purpose built room in Tampico used for fornicating Mexican style, by the hour. How could they last that ………. Now once again here you go jumping to conclusions thinking I’m not culturally sensitive or care about my safety or surroundings but, here’s the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say is:

It is an established fact that people who experience things together, regardless of the nature of the experiences, develop a special bond with one another. That was the case with the A team group of salt of the earth guys and my little woman back home. They all have my back while on this ride in Mexico. And so does my Spot; only I haven’t had to test it yet to find out.

But today, I got to test out my little woman and middle son Mike. It so appears that my iPhone today, just as I came out of Mexican immigration decided to do two things. It sent out an emergency message telling my home team that I was in an emergency! And then it just locked up.

The border at Phatt closed at noon today so I couldn’t cross until 1600 hours. The next crossing was in Dona, Texas. Since the Garmin on the BMW couldn’t find it, I found a young Mexican kid who could. He looked at my map and then showed me the general direction. Then I pinned a Pemex gas station nearby and routed myself to that direction at 160 km an hour.

Before I could get to the first Verizon store in Mercedes Texas to cancel the emergency; the state department was already notified and the A team was being assembled for a nighttime operation to my last known whereabouts. Now how’s that for service. The little woman sounded like she just heard a voice from the past. “Whatever the ransom is, I’m not paying it.” Didn’t I yet tell you she’s a sharp negotiator, why in her working world in banking she negotiated countless deals at Hughes Aircraft Credit Union.

So, it also appears that when such experiences are difficult and a great deal of suffering is involved, the group grows tighter and so the bond is longer-lasting. Historically speaking neither one of us in the USA has ever suffered, in fact, we always persevere, no matter the circumstances. Upward mobility is right around the corner for every American man or woman. They just have to want it bad enough, good looks and an education or special skill sets also helps too.

Mexican people suffer every day, or do they? That 4’ something older tanned cowboy hat wearing guy was standing literally out in the middle of nowhere at around 0700 waiting on, I’ll assume a ride. I wanted so bad to slam down a few gears, from my current speed of 160 km and pull right over, and offer him a ride. I didn’t though.

And that black chihuahua out in the middle of nowhere walking down that cold and lonely road, looking back over his shoulders when I was getting closer; how did he or she end up here; did some one just abandon she/he or was it on a doggie like pilgrimage in search of Fifi? if I could’ve persuaded him/she or it to ride pillion, he would now be with me for the rest of the ride. Right after a bath and flea medication.

Now back to last night’s room. I was in the thick of Tampico traffic, my stupid iPhone wasn’t working worth a crap finding me a suitable location to spend the night; the two places I stopped at wanted me to leave the motorcycle out in the street. And so, as the spirits sensed my insecurities I stopped to reassess at the precise location that I saw this construction guy walking out of a gated entry.

I asked him where’s a local hotel. He said here. We’re renovating this one. The most beautiful and secure metal jail looking door was immediately to my left and he just opened it for me. All I now needed to do now was to jump the curb and see if the place was yet open for business. The gal said yes, but, they charge by the hour. Is this a napping motel I first wondered?

As you can now guess my feet are up and my laundry is being done and I’m hen pecking this blog story out on my new iPhone with something like five camera lenses.

Viva Mexico…. a land of beautiful contrasts, of culture, topes, chocolate, chili, and a whole lot more. It occupies the southern portion of North America but, few Gringos dare travel to most of it. And that my friends as Paul Harvey used to say; Good day.” Feels like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?


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  1. Enjoyed your blog, Raul (if I can call you that…). Quite the adventure for this retired 05 broke dick septuagenarian especially the last day white-lining through CDMX with Roberto, whose last command to me as The B Team and I entered that great city was “Stay Tight, Ed!!!” Mission accomplished, excepting for two MIA motos (Thane & Tom) lost in traffic…. Took the easy route back to Tucson, flying Business Class, consuming numerous Buffalo Trace on the rocas in a futile attempt to alleviate the pains in my thighs and knee. But hey, enough about you, let’s talk about me….. Hope our paths cross again….


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