Puerto Escondido back to Oaxaca Day 3

Today we rode far more twisties than the tail of the dragon, and my left lean has improved considerably; now I can stay with the best of them. Since there are only nine days that go without a fiesta somewhere in all of Mexico we decided to throw Fireman Tracy a little birthday party complete with all the Mexican trimming like a cake, a piñata, maybe a party hat and even a mariachi band in tight jeans too!

In addition to the more common religious holidays, Mexico celebrates innumerable things for any excuse; there’s a holiday for the blessings of the animals and I’m told one is in the words for motorcycles too. Those poor homeless dogs that we see all over definitely deserve a holiday. Then there’s the de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Since they are already dead; why give them a holiday, you might ask? You need to come to Mexico to find out.

Virgin of Guadalupe Day, Three Kings Day, and Semana Santa (Holy Week), as well as the normal array of civic anniversaries crowding the calendar.

There is a Día de los Locos (Day of “the Crazies”), for which neighborhoods make floats and men dress up as well-endowed women.

We’re making doubly sure GPSKEVIN doesn’t schedule any future rides on this holiday. Next year looking forward to a Chiapas ride.

Dried bugs

More to follow as the boys have kept me real busy today and I have written for the past week every day after each ride.

Dinner in progress in Oaxaca.