Morelia Michoacan to Mexico City Day 5

“There’s only one frontier that we only dare only to cross at night,” the old gringo said. “The frontier of our differences with each other, and of our battles with ourselves. … …..each of us NOW carries the real frontier inside.” —

– C. Fuentes, From “The Old Gringo”

Last night we slept at a Holiday Inn and ate at an Applebees in Morelia Michoacan. Now trust me when I say that 99% of the people reading this have no clue, other than in Mexico; where exactly is this place.

Do you like avocados or guacamole? Guess what? Michoacán produces more avocados any other state in Mexico, and is also the world’s largest supplier of avocados. Michoacán is also a land of mountains and lakes.

Be one with the motorcycle are the last words I heard last night at dinner from both Todd and Joey. Then Chris chimes in that I should become one with my BMW 1250 GSA like Cortez riding his horse Mozilla as they approached Montezuma. These guys are all pro riders and I’m the “kid”, thankfully they care enough about me to offer up some great riding advice that I soon took to heart.

Their timing could not have been any better because today was a day for ultimate riding twisties. Picture your self on a windy country road with elevation drops that offer endless twisties riding opportunities. I took to heart the groups advice and progressively got better.

At one time I thought to myself, that if I lost it on any one of these turns, I would soon become part of the jungle scene all around; never to be heard from again, and the cartels would likely receive the blame.

Lean angle is what I needed work on. This is made possible by leaning deep into each and every corner so as to lower the machine’s center of gravity.

As you have probably already figured out; I have no credentials for writing. What you are reading are from the inner workings of an adult over 60’s mind. This blog is solely for entertainment purposes. And, please don’t take any motorcycle riding advice from me.

In the Loggins and Messina song, “Your Mama Don’t Dance and your Daddy Don’t Rock and Roll”. (wait for it) …………..and it’s all because your mama don’t dance and your daddy don’t rock and roll.”

Yes, that actually constitutes the entire lyrics of the song that is also very important to this story. It’s the sole reason why you don’t also read about all of our wonderful and supportive woman back home; in most cases it’s cause 1) she doesn’t ride, 2) there’s a worldwide pandemic going on, if you haven’t yet heard, 3) why trust her safety to a foreign country.

And ladies if you are so inclined to be reading any of this; we love you and talk about each and everyone of you at dinner. Like Pam’s new puppy and Patti’s grandkids and even Yoda Roberto and Gpskevin too!

My life living in a foreign country is forever lodged into my inner dreams; probably up until the age of four or five. That’s cause in the 1960’s a little revolution took place on an island called Cuba. That’s where my Spanish comes from. Today I am also the La Malinche of this group and darn proud of it.

The little group has learned that without an interpreter it’s pretty difficult to get anything done around here. So, I am not the fastest rider in the group but, I make up for it in other ways. La Malinche for argument’s sake was the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés translator.

Now, fast forward if you will a number of years later since 1960 and it’s the early 1990’s. I’m on a can’t/won’t share with you now work assignment in Mexico City with my partner S. Gonzales.

One of the many things that my Gonzales friend also taught me is that in the Mexican cosmos way of doing things, life is to be lived and enjoyed, not blindly always worked away.

And that’s just what we did this afternoon and evening. The La Fuerte restaurant next door to the AC Marriott in Mexico City is just the most awesome restaurant money can buy. Our final tally for appetizers, salads, drinks, Japanese oysters, a bottle of wine, grey goose, mojitos, margaritas, and more came out to a whopping 11,700 pesos. And our five star 15th floor with a Mexico City room view is only $59 a night.

And oh yeah, we’re coming back here for dinner as Todd wants to tackle eating a steak they refer to as the “Tomahawk “. Don’t ask how much, it’s not cheap. We didn’t know they counted this high.

A new record for our Gpskevin ride meals that won’t soon get broken. Speaking of world records, while passing through a town that side of Toluca, that particular town has the worlds tallest tope. The thing is not only high but, somewhat camouflaged to any suspecting riders. Chris nearly flew off his Africa twin and I nearly went over the handlebars.

The alma is the inner spirit that is in everyone of us and defines the Mexican and American views of our own self worth. Americans also tolerate and admire immoral and disreputable behavior in people; just as long as they are successful.

Mexicans, on the other hand, see the world in mixed hues, and are more concerned with the inner qualities of people than how hard they work, what skills they may possess, or what extra-ordinary feats they may accomplish. Despite the conformity demanded by Mexican etiquette, it is the individuality and the intellectual and emotional uniqueness of each person that they prize the most.

Our Bill

Mexicans regard the innate alma or “spirit” of the individual as the most important of all human qualities, and their culture is fashioned around this concept.


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