Obregon, Sonora to Mazatlan Ride Day 2

Today’s Mileage 390 miles. Miles for tomorrow 489. Thankfully, following our only meal of the day at a Mazatlan seafood place, we stop for gas, that’s when Joey’s 1290 KTM decided that this was a perfect opportunity to crap out.

It refused to power back up. A quick diagnosis by Chris and Joey turned up a negative battery terminal that melted away from the battery case. The case was also slightly cracked. Five minutes away Joey recalls seeing an auto zone, just like in the USA. Ten minutes later I return with a new battery (1299 pesos) and the KTM is now back in service.

Now imagine how that very scenario would’ve turned out if it happened in any of the little shit towns from Obregon on. I said shit town because that’s how a blind man would call it.

Today the ride was all about smells. Everything from pig shit to dead and decaying farm stock and burning fields offended my senses. And then I saw it, at the same time I looked down and the temperature went from the 70’s to 80’s, to even 92 degrees. The it, was all the tropical things that now sprouted up everywhere, from coconut trees to sugar cane fields and even flamingos. OK I now exaggerate. But, I did see lots of flying seabirds.

Blueberry margarita and a fish tower

For the people who will not travel to Mexico because they are worried about the drug cartels. You should know that by the end of the day of following a well planned Gpskevin ride, one is usually both tired and charged up, at the end, we seldom, if ever cross paths with any bad hombres. And besides, our thoughts are more with the fine Mexican cuisine or drinks than of getting back on the bike and more riding.

My friend is worried about me going to Mexico and I’m worried about his health. As we talk I try to calculate the number of liquid carbohydrates he has just consumed, as he also munches away on some type of frankenfood. From my point of view, as I now see it, my friend has a higher percentage of dying from heart disease than of being murdered in Mexico or frankly anywhere else in the world.

How should we measure success in a country and what makes you safe is a very personal thing. I feel safe down here now riding with the most skilled riders that money cannot buy. Our alma or “spirit” is the most valued of human qualities, in Mexican land and we are riding to the heart of the country- Mexico City.

This country is all about the culture. Their alma or spirit is manifested in the national character of Mexicans in many ways. Their Mexi-canness was witnessed by us yesterday, if we only stopped long enough to take it all in. Mexicans do things for the sake of their image and emotional well-being that range from wonderfully nurturing to irrational, and often times dangerous as well. Today for example, some of you may have crapped your pants with fear at all the chaos as we near one of maybe 20 toll booths today alone!! We made quick work of it and then got out of there fast. Then soon we could hear and see the first, then second, then third, holy shit Kinosabie; they’re sending out their entire force of police cars.

Thankfully, they were coming towards our direction as we cannonballed it out of there, at excessive speeds. They must’ve been heading in the direction of the toll booth protestors.

These Mexican truck drivers today were the biggest pinche puto pendejo baboso mother f…..ers. One almost took me out. Back to the protesters. The people were told that once the toll taxes imposed on their roads were paid that the toll would be removed. Not! Now they protest by blocking or refusing to pay. The students also appeared to also express their alma by taking advantage of the situation with buckets in hand spread across the little towns topes and strongly encourage a toll to cross.

We have two small riding groups that are now gelling with each other on day three? Tomorrow it’s Mazatlan to Michiocan. 489 miles, can’t wait.