One more perfect moment

This morning while driving my jeep in the Southern California rain, on a country road, I hear a song that kept repeating the words, we are all halfway to somewhere, halfway to healing, and even halfway to home.

I don’t recall the songs title but, it reminded me that we are all also halfway to some insignificant age number too. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it all happen for you .”

My significant other now wants new bathroom faucet fixtures and a new Labrador retriever puppy. Today her fixtures get installed. And all my spirit wants now is to finish that little sailboat project and to travel on a motorcycle to warm places with beautiful scenery, excellent spicy foods and new road adventures.

The Covid pandemic is now more than two years old and we have learned to adapt to it and continue to live life with it. Patti and I are both older and wiser now and can easily remember the simpler times of life. Yes, the earlier days were much simpler and way less complicated but, that’s only because we live with technologies today that are the new normal.

In the olden days deaths per mile travelled with a horse or motorcycle was considerably higher than with a car. And with literally little to no maintenance at all, cars run fine all the time now. I remember my father before every trip having to pop the hood, check the oil and add water to the radiator, check the tension on the fan belt and even kick all four tires plus check to see that the spare also has air.

George Bernard Shaw said it best when he wrote down for eternity that, “in this world there is always danger, for those of us who are afraid of it.”

Perhaps the world does need more people living their passions, whatever that may turn out to be; serving as examples to others to live theirs too.

A bedroll and a tarp stretched across the handle bars of a motorcycle used to be enough packing.

I also believe in road karma just like I believe that the universe will conspire to help Patti get that lab puppy one day too.

I know that my family and friends continue to be my wealth. So what do we do when we ride and stop for the day? We sit, we chat, we eat and drink and we like to tell and share stories—stories of possibly the next ride or adventure.

Good bye 2021. Hello 2022. Thank you for all the great memories and friends I’ve made along the way.