S/V Spider Monkey Part I

“This boat that we just built is fine! And don’t try to tell us it’s not. The sides and the back are divine –

It’s the bottom I guess we forgot.”

― Shel Silverstein.

I can easily now either cast blame or thank someone. It’s all depending on if I’m seeing my cup as half full or empty; for starting this little sailboat project. The culprits responsible; my friend Kimball, too much time between motorcycle rides; Craigslist, or better yet, my constant thirst and search for the next great adventure of life.

Imagine if you will, for just a tiny moment, your very own little trailerable sailing boat. A little boat that you made your own by totally taking it apart and then lovingly reassembling it to near perfection. Much like a kid does playing with kid toys.

Even though this little boat is now far from complete, it now has its first name in life; the sailing vessel, S/V Spider Monkey. My little grandson Elliott named her. And who knows what great adventures are in store for his future.

My end goal is to finish her and sail her (we are now registered) from July 15/21, 2022, hopefully with son Mike as crew in the Salish 100; the largest organized small-boat cruise in North America, that originates in Olympia, Washington and ends in Port Townsend.

When you retire, your mind still keeps on working, just like it once did when you were gainfully employed in productive endeavors. And sometimes that creative mind imposes demands on you, to keep looking for interesting things to do.

Every day for me is different. Something always new to learn and enjoy. This little sailboat project has already brought me a wealth of enjoyment. For example, I am able to go into my garage, set the type of ambiance that I want and either work or play.

Right now gutting the little 15’ West Wight potter is more work than play but, that soon will change. My mind has already been entertained by countless hours watching YouTube videos.

And then with just the correct amount of lighting, and YouTube music playing that originates on my iPhone for a mere $12.99/month; I can easily get lost in my Supermix songs, like for example; Living in the Moment by Jason Mraz.

“I will not waste my days

Making up all kinds of ways

To worry about all the things

That will not happen to me “

My chosen playlist or one selected for me continues to play through those three blue tooth hanging lights/speakers that I installed just for this occasion. This is just how I pictured this project to go and life to be. Times are often good, then a little rain falls, then we get the good times again – and it’s all always interesting.

To always expect a generally satisfying way of living life is already asking a good deal. One needs to be a visionary in what they choose to do in life. So, content yourselves with the matters of the moment because, in all good time, the end will finally come to all projects and adventures. And the best that we can do is try to understand that this little experience may never reveal itself to us again.